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The End of the Affair (1999)

  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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To date, approximately 90 films have been made from the writings of Graham Greene. This film is the second film adaptation of the 1951 novel, The End of the Affair. (It was also turned into an opera in 2004.) It is a melancholic romance. A novel within a novel, or rather a novel within a film. The director Neil Jordan lends a marked sensitivity to his treatment of the story, which unfolds across different time periods and perspectives. Among other things, this tale of an unusual love triangle is made memorable by the exceptional portrayals of the main characters by Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes.

Is it possible to find an absolute truth in questions regarding love, passion, jealousy, hate or even faith? One plotline in The End of the Affair concerns an investigation. It is hard to imagine a more rational process: monitoring, taking notes, photography - proof. But of what? Something is gradually pieced together from the investigation and seemingly relevant details, but the real point of the story is what meaning its characters attribute to these fragments and the tales they create from them. And the fact that they sometimes end up misleading themselves. Add in their dutiful and random actions, not to mention a sprinkling of wonder. And be prepared for the fact that Neil Jordan will not spare your feelings. This film will play upon your emotions and your compassion.
This year, Bridging Europe is looking to connect United Kingdom to Hungarian culture. One special element of all the films featured in this series is that they each have a link to Hungary. One of The End of the Affair's most dramatic scenes features an excerpt from a Zoltán Kodály piece, Sonata for Solo Cello.

In English, with Hungarian subtitles.
The discussions before and after the screenings are conducted in Hungarian.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • director
    Neil Jordan
  • host
    András Réz



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