Rules and Regulations

1. Entry to Müpa Budapest

1.1. The building of Müpa Budapest can be visited by everyone at their own risk during opening hours. 

1.2. By entering the Müpa Budapest building, visitors declare that they have familiarized themselves with the conditions stated in these rules and regulations (hereinafter referred to as ‘Rules and Regulations’) and accept them as binding upon themselves. 

1.3. The current version of the Rules and Regulations is available on the Müpa Budapest website.

2. Expected Behaviour

2.1. Inside the Müpa Budapest building, health and safety regulations in accordance with applicable laws and government recommendations must be followed. 

2.2. Visitors are obliged to use the premises of Müpa Budapest according to their intended purpose and keep the environment in order. They are also required to protect and handle the equipment, facilities, and the building itself in accordance with the regulations. Everyone is obliged to do everything reasonably expected of them to ensure the safety and physical well-being of themselves and others, as well as to protect the property of Müpa Budapest and others, including the building, its facilities, and equipment, and to avoid endangering them.

2.3. Our host staff may ask visitors to leave if they disturb or annoy other persons in the Müpa Budapest building by loud or otherwise disturbing or embarrassing behaviour.

2.4. Any visitors evidently under the influence of severe alcohol or any drugs can be denied entrance to the Müpa Budapest building even if they hold a valid ticket. Our host staff, the on-duty audience service attendant and the security personnel are authorized to request those visitors to leave the building. In the case the visitor is recurrently exhibiting disturbing behaviours, they may be temporarily or permanently banned from the Müpa Budapest premises.

2.5. It is strictly prohibited to bring animals – with the exception of service animals –, weapons or objects resembling weapons, as well as any other objects or substances that pose a risk to life, physical integrity, or health onto the Müpa Budapest premises. Means of transport (such as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, roller skates, skateboards, strollers, etc.) are allowed to be brought in only if they are foldable and can be carried by hand. These items must be left for storage in the cloakroom. 

2.6. The entire building of the Müpa Budapest is smoke free. Smoking is only permitted outside the building in the designated areas.

2.7. The measures taken by the authorized employees of Müpa Budapest are binding on the visitors. In the event of an emergency (e.g. natural disaster, fire, bomb threat, etc.), visitors are obliged to comply strictly and fully with the instructions of Müpa Budapest’s staff and to follow the instructions in the evacuation plan. 

2.8. Any activity beyond the purpose of the building or any business-related activity on the entire Müpa Budapest premises can only be carried out with the prior written permission from Müpa Budapest.

2.9. Müpa Budapest does not take responsibility for valuable items lost or abandoned on its premises.

3. Parking

3.1. Müpa Budapest’s underground garage operated by Müpa Üzemeltető Kft. The use of the underground garage is available for a fee and at the visitor's own risk. The traffic regulations specified by the Hungarian Highway Code (KRESZ) apply to the whole territory of the underground garage.

4. Image and Sound Recording

4.1. By entering the Müpa Budapest premises, visitors explicitly accept that image and sound recordings may be made throughout the entire Müpa Budapest area, and that they may appear in such recordings in their capacity as a visitor. By participating in Müpa Budapest’s (public) events, visitors also consent to Müpa Budapest using the recordings in connection with its cultural activities. In relation to the use of such recordings, visitors waive any claims against Müpa Budapest, the organizers, or the creators of the recordings, and against any other third party using the recordings on a valid legal basis.

4.2. Müpa Budapest explicitly informs visitors to the Müpa Budapest building that it does not collect or process any personal health data concerning visitors either in connection with entering the building or for any other purpose. 

4.3. Müpa Budapest’s detailed privacy policy is available on the Müpa Budapest website.

4.4. Taking non-professional photographs for personal use is only permitted in the public access areas. In all other cases, a written permission for photography must be obtained prior from Müpa Budapest’s PR department, considering the copyright protection of the building. Please send all requests to

The above are the Rules and Regulations of Müpa Budapest. A visitor who violates the Rules and Regulations may be temporarily or permanently banned from the Müpa Budapest premises after a warning, and administrative or other proceedings may be initiated against them. The person responsible for the breach of these rules or the person responsible for the person who breached these rules shall be liable for any damage resulting from the breach of these rules. If the violation of the Rules and Regulations also constitutes a violation of the law, the person who violated the Rules and Regulations or the person responsible for the person who violated the Rules and Regulations will bear the legal responsibility and may be subject to legal sanctions.

Compliance with the Rules and Regulations is in our common interest, and we kindly ask for the cooperation of our visitors.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you to our events!

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