1. Entering Müpa Budapest and the events

By entering the Müpa Budapest building, all of our visitors accept Müpa Budapest's general policies (hereinafter: "General Policies") and acknowledge the contents thereof.

  • We comply with the current laws and government recommendations regarding health protection in the Müpa Budapest building, so the wearing of  masks is no longer mandatory as of 7 March 2022. It is also not necessary to show an immunity certificate when attending a performance at Müpa Budapest. 
  • Our performances and events can be attended with a valid ticket. Exempt from this are the free concerts or those events requiring only registration.
  • We would like to inform visitors attending free programmes that attendance for free programmes is limited to the capacity of the given room, and admission takes place on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the specified capacity has been reached, our event staff – in light of the fire safety regulations – will not allow additional visitors to enter. 
  • All visitors entering the Müpa Budapest building and attending events there do so at their own risk. 
  • We request that you keep your distance if possible when standing in line.
  • Our guests arriving late for the performance may only take their seats during the intermission, although, if the production allows them to do so without interrupting the performance, they may enter the auditorium with the assistance of the hostesses, which might involve sitting in a different place than the one indicated on the purchased ticket. The same rule applies to guests who wish to leave the auditorium during the performance and return while the performance is still underway.
  • If the safety measures slow down the process of admitting everyone to the building, then the performance will only start after the line of audience members at the entrance and/or waiting in their cars to enter the car park have all had time to take their seat. At the same time, we ask our visitors to please arrive for the event earlier than they would ordinarily.
  • Students may purchase limited numbers of student tickets, to a maximum of one per customer, for events held in the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall and the Festival Theatre by showing a valid student ID. Student tickets may not be transferred to another person, and the purchaser's student ID number will be listed on the ticket for the purpose of verifying the identity of the person using it. Standing-room areas of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall and Festival Theatre may only be occupied in the designated areas. 
  • Müpa Budapest is accessible for our guests who use wheelchairs. Those of our guests who use wheelchairs may purchase tickets for the spots reserved for them. Up to one companion of theirs per performance may purchase a ticket to sit in a chair next to them – if permitted by the number of available spaces – at the lowest price category for the given concert. These types of tickets cannot be transferred to another person. In light of the limited number of spaces and chairs, and in order to avoid any inconvenience as a result of such, Müpa Budapest requires such ticket purchases to be made subject to advance (online) registration.

2. Cloakrooms and storing valuables

  • In the current situation, we recommend leaving coats in cars or bringing them into the auditorium, naturally, but the cloakroom is also available.
  • Coats and other items can be checked for a fee. The cloakrooms open one hour prior to the start of each event and close 30 minutes after they end.
  • Müpa Budapest's liability for items stored in the cloakroom extends only to items that visitors would typically bring to a theatre or a concert hall, such as umbrellas and garments. Müpa Budapest's liability for items stored in the cloakroom does not extend to items of unusually great value, such as large sums of cash or valuable jewellery. Our ushers will permit visitors with larger valuable items that they would prefer not to check at the cloakroom, such as laptops or valuable musical instruments, to bring them into the auditorium with them, provided that their size allows them to be stored securely under the visitor's seat. If the visitor prefers not to do so, or if the size of the item makes storing it under the seat impossible, the visitor may make use of the combination lockers by the ticket counter for the Ludwig Museum free of charge. In the event any questions or problems arise with regard to the combination lockers, our staff at the Information Desk will be happy to help.
  • It is not permitted to bring food or drink into the auditoriums, or any item whose size disturbs fellow audience members in the neighbouring seats when it is stowed, or any item that blocks the escape and access routes (such as prams, scooters, rollers or large instruments). 
  • Müpa Budapest assumes no liability for valuables left on the premises.

3. Parking

  • Müpa Budapest operates an underground car park through Müpa Üzemeltető Kft. Visitors may park their cars there for a fee, and at their own risk. Parking in the underground car park is free, for the duration of the event, for those of our guests who have purchased tickets for any of our public performances. Participants in free programmes and programmes subject to advance registration may use the underground car park for a fee. The -2 and -3 levels of the garage are available for the use of audience members. Müpa reserves the parking spots in the -1 level for the use of "platinum" level members of the Müpa+ Loyalty Programme, who may register in advance on the Müpa website to reserve a space. The Hungarian rules of the road also apply to driving in the underground car park.

4. Right to make changes to programmes and ticket refunds

  • Müpa Budapest reserves the right to change the dates, times and venues of its events, as well as the artists engaged to perform in them, and to cancel them altogether.
  • We are only able to offer refunds for tickets if an event is cancelled.
  • In the event a programme is cancelled, ticket refunds are made according to the following rules:
    • In case that an event organised by Müpa Budapest itself is cancelled, the ticket may be returned via the website, according to the terms and conditions set forth therein, within 90 days of the date when the cancelled event would have taken place or – in the event a state of emergency is in place on the date when the event would have taken place – within 30 days of the end of the state of emergency. Müpa Budapest will arrange to refund the price of the ticket within 90 days of the date the refund is requested. 
    • If a (hosted) event that Müpa Budapest has not organised itself is cancelled, information for claiming a refund for tickets can be found on the organiser's website. You can also contact the organiser directly for information via the contact details listed on the ticket. On the Müpa Budapest website, we display the organiser of the event in the event listing. Please contact the organiser directly for information about ticket refunds or regarding any other question.
  • Tickets that have been lost, destroyed or damaged cannot be refunded.

5. Müpa Budapest gift vouchers and conditions for their use

  • Müpa Budapest's gift vouchers are available in pre-determined denominations at our box offices. The gift vouchers must be used within six months of their purchase, and may only be used for purchasing tickets for Müpa Budapest's own productions. Gift vouchers become invalid for use six months from their date of purchase. Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and may not be purchased with other (gift) vouchers or instruments that replace cash (such as a SZÉP card). If the person making a purchase with the gift voucher wishes to purchase a ticket that costs less than the amount of the gift voucher, Müpa Budapest will be unable to refund the difference in cash.

6. Right to reassign seating, special seating

  • In order to ensure the show proceeds smoothly, Müpa Budapest reserves the right to reallocate spectators to different seats, as long as the spectator is moved to a seat with a higher price category. In this case, the staff will inform the spectators of any seat reallocation before the concert begins.
  • As was the case previously, Müpa Budapest's concert halls may still only be entered with a ticket for a specific seat. In light of the current pandemic situation and the relevant regulations and in the interest of preserving the health of our viewers and as an express request for such, the event staff may reseat some visitors in empty seats in order to ensure distance between them and other members of the audience.
  • Depending on the artistic concept of certain performances, stage materials placed around the auditorium or on the stage may restrict the view of the stage in some seats. Müpa sets its ticket prices accordingly and, where appropriate, sells tickets at the above-mentioned places at a discounted price, as a “Discounted Ticket”. If the visitor wishes to move seats and indicates such a desire to our event staff, they will be offered alternative seating, if there is any available.
  • Müpa Budapest makes audio and visual recordings of some productions. This means that Müpa Budapest may place cameras in the spectating area. These devices may obscure the view of the stage for certain seats. In such a case – if the affected visitor indicates their wish to be moved to our event staff and depending on the availability of empty seats – our staff will offer the visitor another seat. 
  • Depending on the artistic concept of the given performance, an orchestra pit may be placed in front of the stage, and if there is a recording being made a camera rail may be installed, which is then protected by a barrier. This means that legroom may be restricted in the first and third row of seating. Please ask our colleagues for further information prior to purchasing tickets for the affected areas.

7. Expected behaviour at events and on Müpa Budapest premises

  • Our performances for adults are not recommended for young children (below six years of age). We also kindly ask you to bear in mind the age recommendations for those events expressly designed for children. At our adult concerts, if children attending the event disturb visitors, either through their general behaviour or by making too much noise, our staff will speak to them and may escort them from the room.
  • We further ask those who are ill, particularly with upper respiratory complaints, not to attend our events. Please stay at home and get well soon, and pass on your ticket to someone else, if possible.
  • Any spectator or visitor who, by talking too loudly or through bad behaviour, disturbs or disrupts a performance or the enjoyment of the performance, or bothers other people in the Müpa building, may also be asked to leave the building by the event staff. When events are taking place, it is not permitted to use mobile phones or other devices that may disturb the enjoyment of others. If a visitor does not stop using their device despite being spoken to by the event staff, the event staff, audience services officer or security service staff may ask the guest concerned to leave the hall. Upon the express request of the audience services officer, security staff will escort such visitors from the performance area. If necessary, they will also initiate police and/or legal action.
  • Nobody visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs may attend events, or visit the Müpa Budapest building, even if they are in possession of a valid ticket. The event staff, audience services officer, and/or security staff have the right to ask any visitors under the influence to leave the premises.
  • The visual and audio aspects of the productions performed at Müpa form an integral part of the artistic concept. If any of our guests feel that something is inappropriate, or if they consider the concert to be too loud, Müpa reminds visitors that the sound technician staff pay close attention to ensure the volume does not exceed the permissible limit throughout the entire duration of the concert.
  • The visitor is obliged to use the premises of Müpa Budapest in accordance with its purpose and to keep the area tidy, as well as to protect and use any equipment and the building itself in accordance with the regulations. Everyone is obliged to do everything possible to protect and not endanger the life and physical integrity of themselves and others, the property of Müpa Budapest and the property of other people, and the building and any equipment and devices belonging to Müpa Budapest.
  • With the exception of guide dogs, no pets, weapons or objects resembling weapons, nor any objects or substances constituting a hazard to life, bodily integrity and health are permitted on the premises of Müpa Budapest. Means of personal transportation (e.g. bicycles, scooters, roller skates, skateboards, etc.) may only be brought into Müpa Budapest if they can be folded up and held in your hand. 
  • Müpa Budapest is a non-smoking environment. Smoking is only allowed outside the building, in designated areas.
  • Guests must comply with measures undertaken by Müpa Budapest staff. In the case of any extraordinary event (e.g.: natural disaster, fire, bomb threat, etc.), visitors are obliged to comply with the instructions of the employees of Müpa Budapest, and to behave in line with the requirements outlined in Müpa Budapest's evacuation plan. 
  • Throughout the premises of Müpa Budapest, activities beyond the scope of the building or any business activity may only be carried out with the written permission of Müpa Budapest.

8. Audio and visual recordings

Data protection

  • Upon entering the Müpa Budapest premises, visitors explicitly accept that video and audio recordings can be made throughout the premises and rooms of Müpa Budapest , and that as visitors to these areas, they may appear on these recordings. By participating in Müpa Budapest's (public) events, you consent to Müpa Budapest's use of recordings in connection with its core cultural activities. You may not stake any claim whatsoever in connection with the use of such recordings against Müpa Budapest or the organisers or the producers of the recordings, nor against anyone who uses such recordings under any other valid legal title.
  • Müpa Budapest expressly informs its viewers and visitors to the Müpa Budapest building that Müpa Budapest does not record or handle any of their personal health data, neither in relation to entering the building nor to ticket refunds nor for any other purpose.
  • Müpa Budapest informs its visitors that its detailed privacy policy is available on the official Müpa Budapest website.
  • Only amateur photographs taken for personal use in the lobby are allowed. In all other cases, prior written permission for photography must be requested from Müpa's marketing department by writing an email to, with regard to the copyright protection of the building.
  • Recording images or sound at concerts, performances and events with any device is strictly prohibited. (This includes video or sound recordings created using a mobile phone.) Failure to abide by this rule will incur legal consequences for copyright and adjacent rights infringement. Should any visitor fail to discontinue audio and/or video recording during a concert, performance or event, even after being called upon to do so by event staff, our event staff, audience services officer or security staff may ask the visitor to leave the event room.

The above rules constitutes the general policies of Müpa Budapest. Any visitor who violates these policies may be banned from Müpa Budapest for a specified time and may have official proceedings instigated against them. The individuals who violate these policies or the person responsible for an individual who violates these policies shall be held personally and financially liable for any damages resulting from such violation. In case any violation of these policies also concurrently constitutes a breach of laws and/or regulations in effect, any individual who violates these policies or the person responsible for any individual who violates these policies shall be held legally liable and shall bear any statutory sanction as well.

Observing these policies is in our mutual interest. We kindly request the cooperation of our esteemed visitors in this regard. 

We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

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