Müpa Budapest is open daily from 10 am until the end of the last performance, on other days until 6 pm. Information about our irregular opening hours are posted on the official website www.mupa.hu.

Our performances and events can be attended with a valid ticket. Free programs are exceptions to this rule. 
Everyone may attend events at their own risk.

Visitors arriving late to our events will only be allowed to take their seats during the intermission. 

Subject to availability, students may purchase 1 student ticket each to all events at the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall and the Festival Theatre, by presenting their valid student ID card. Student tickets are non-transferable, and respective student ID card serial numbers will be marked on such tickets to allow verification. Standing places may only be occupied at the duly designated areas in the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall and the Festival Theatre.

Müpa Budapest is fully accessible for visitors in wheelchairs. Visitors in wheelchairs can purchase tickets for specially reserved places and those accompanying them (1 person) can buy extra seat tickets—provided that event capacity makes this possible—in the lowest admission price category for the given concert. Tickets thus purchased are non-transferable. Having regard to the limited number of reserved locations and extra seats, and to avoid any possible inconvenience arising from this fact, Müpa Budapest may require advance (online) registration for such ticket purchases.

The use of cloakrooms is recommended. In case you arrive with a valuable parcel (e.g. a laptop, a more valuable musical instrument, etc.) that you would not like to leave behind in the cloakroom, our ushers will make it possible for you to take it with you to the given event venue, provided its size allows safe storage under your seat. Cloakrooms are open until half an hour after events. The use of cloakrooms is not free of charge. 

Müpa Budapest has an underground parkade where parking is possible for a fee. For visitors with tickets to any of our public performances, parking in the underground parkage is free of charge during performance. Public parking is possible on levels -2 and -3. Use of the underground garage is at your own risk.

Müpa Budapest Nonprofit Ltd. (henceforth referred to as: Company.) reserves the right to change the date, venue and cast of its events, as well as to cancel events in their entirity. 

No tickets may be returned for a refund or exchanged for a different ticket, regardless of whether they were purchased in person or online. Tickets will solely be refunded in case of cancelled events.

In case an event is cancelled, tickets can be returned for a full refund in the following way:

tickets for events the Company organises on its own can be refunded at Müpa Budapest box offices starting from date the announcement is published until the deadline appearing in aforementioned announcement.
In case of hosted performances, the Company shall only undertake refunds if all the following conditions are met:

the refund is requested within 30 days of the cancellation notice of the Event organiser is received by the Company.
only with respect to tickets that were sold at its box offices, i.e. the reverse side of the ticket bears the imprint of the official stamp of the Company, and
the ticket to be returned is in undamaged condition.

In case of hosted performances, tickets bought at another location can be returned wherever they were purchased.
The various performance organisers (for the own or hosted events) shall be indicated on the official website www.mupa.hu and in the program booklets.

Replacement of misplaced, destroyed or damaged tickets is not possible.

Gift certificates of the Company can be purchased at our box offices in specific denominations. Gift certificates can be redeemed within six months of their purchase and may be used exclusively for buying tickets to the Company’s own productions. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed after six months from the date of their purchase. Gift certificates may not be exchanged for cash. In case a gift certificate redeemer purchases tickets adding up to an amount less than the value of the gift certificate itself, the Company shall not give change in cash.

If it is necessary for the ideal conducting of a production the Company reserves the right to reassign audience seatingonly in case it can provide a higher category seat to the viewer then the original seat. The hostesses will inform viewers about reseating in such cases. 

It is not recommended for children less than primary school age (six years) to Attend our shows intended for adults. Please take age recommendations into consideration even in the case of children’s events. 

Our hostess staff may ask children and those accompanying them to leave the performance area if a child disturbs adult concert visitors by his/her behaviour or boisterousness.

Hostess personnel may call upon a viewer who disturbs a show or its enjoyment by others by talking or loud behaviour to leave the performance area. The use of mobile phones and other devices that disturb the event is not permitted during events. In case a visitor fails to discontinue using said devices even after being called upon to do so by hostess personnel, our hostess colleagues, audience services officer, and/or security staff may call upon the such visitor to leave the performance area. Upon the express request of the audience services officer security staff will accompany such visitor(s) out of the performance area, and initiate police and/or legal action if they deem it necessary.

By entering Müpa Budapest premises, visitors explicitly accept that video and audio recordings might be made throughout Müpa Budapest premises and halls, and that any visitor may appear on such in their capacity as visitors, but they may not stake any claim whatsoever in connection with the use of such recordings against Müpa Budapest or the organisers or the producers of the recordings nor against anyone who uses such recordings under any other valid legal title.

When live performances are recorded, we will try as best as we can, to place the cameras so that they only minimally - if at all - disturb the enjoyment of the concerts. If this is impossible, tickets to the seats affected by the cameras will be sold in a lower price category.

Taking amateur photographs in the foyer is permitted solely for personal use. As the Müpa Budapest is copyright protected, in all other cases, preliminary authorisation for photography must be sought in advance in writing from the Company marketing department at sajto@mupa.hu 

Recording images or sound at concerts, performances and events with any device whatsoever is strictly prohibited. (This includes video or sound recordings created with mobile phones.) Failure to abide by this rule will incur legal consequences for copyright and neighbouring rights infringement. Should any visitor fail to discontinue audio and/or video recording during a concert, performance or event even after being called upon to do so by hostess personnel, our hostess colleagues, audience services officer, and/or security staff may call upon such visitor to leave the performance area.Nobody visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs may attend programs at Müpa Budapest, not even in possession of a valid ticket. Our hostess colleagues, audience services officer, and/or security staff may call upon such visitor to leave the premises of Müpa Budapest. Security staff will accompany such visitor(s) out of the performance area upon the express request of the audience services officer, and initiate action by police if necessary. 

With the exception of guide dogs, no pets, weapons or objects resembling weapons, nor any objects or substances constituting a hazard to life, bodily integrity and health are permitted on Müpa Budapest premises. Means of personal transportation (e.g. bicycles, scooters, roller skates, skateboards, etc.) may only be brought into Müpa Budapest if they can be folded up and held in hand..

Food or drinks are not allowed in event halls. We also ask not to bring any large objects that would block the view of those near you or the evacuation routes (e.g. strollers, small bikes, scooters, large musical instruments, etc.). 

Müpa Budapest is a non-smoking environment. Smoking is only allowed in designated locations.

Visitors are obliged to use Müpa Budapest performance areas and any other locations within or immediately without its premises as they were intended and to keep them in order, furthermore to preserve the devices and equipment inside Müpa Budapest, as well as the Müpa Budapest itself, operating the aforementioned devices and equipment in line with stipulations.

In the case of any extraordinary event (e.g.: natural disaster, fire, bomb threat, etc.), visitors are obliged to abide by the instructions of the Company’s employees, moreover to behave in line with the requirements appearing in Müpa Budapest evacuation plan. 

The Company shall not accept any liability for valuables that are misplaced on the premises of Müpa Budapest.

Everyone shall be obliged to do everything that can be expected of them to protect their own and others’ lives and bodily integrity, moreover the Company and others’ assets, as well as Müpa Budapest, its equipment and assets, furthermore to prevent jeopardising the said.

Activity not specifically connected to the primary function of the building, or any business related activity on the grounds may only be executed with the prior, written consent of the Company.

The measures of the Company’s employees shall have mandatory effect in respect of guests.

The aforementioned constitute the House Rules of Müpa Budapest and the Company. Any visitor who violates these rules may be banned from  Müpa Budapest for any specified time and may have official proceedings instigated against them. The individuals who violate these House Rules or the person responsible for an individual who violates these rules shall be held personally and financially liable for any damages resulting from the violation of these House Rules. In case any violation of these House Rules also concurrently constitutes a breach of laws and/or regulations in effect, the individual who violates these House Rules or the person responsible for an individual who violates these rules shall be held legally liable and shall bear any statutory sanction as well.

Observing the House Rules is in our mutual interest. We kindly request our esteemed visitors’ assistance in this regard. 

Let us express our preliminary gratitude to You, our esteemed visitors, for your cooperation. We hope to see You at our events!


Social media policies

The Müpa Budapest’s Facebook page and the events related to the page serve to inform and entertain the audience. We encourage everyone to make comments and actively participate in the online dialogue. However, comments of the following nature will be immediately deleted:

  • Comments that are defamatory, abusive, slanderous, hateful, harassing, threatful or obscene;
  • Comments that target others’ political, religious or sexual persuasion; 
  • Comments that infringe copyrights and intellectual property rights;
  • Comments that are illegal or incite to unlawful acts;
  • Comments that are dishonest, misleading or deceptive;
  • Comments that include images and/or sounds that are sexually or otherwise offensive;
  • Comments that contain unsolicited content, or interfere with the proper functioning of the page.

Please also note that the Mupa Budapest has the right to highlight or re-post on its Facebook page such content that is shared on its Facebook page and during its Facebook events (such as comments, questions, images, videos).

We attempt to answer all questions as soon as possible, but suggest that you first seek information relating to ticket purchases and events contact our colleagues at info@mupa.hu.

Thank you!

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