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Solaris, one of Hungary's leading progressive rock line-ups, one that is recognised abroad as well, is 41 years old. Solaris, who play instrumental music and have referred to themselves as a "symphonic rock band", began their A Life's Work in Concerts series at Müpa Budapest in 2006. This celebratory occasion will be their final chord. The Solaris compositions included in the programme will be played in world music, jazz and classical music arrangements by Edina "Mókus" Szirtes's band, the Péter Sárik Trio and the Sturcz Quartet, as well as the members of Solaris.
Even in their early days, Solaris, who formed in 1980, were considered as one of the key prog-rock bands in Hungary, despite only releasing a few EPs. Their first full-length album, Marsbéli krónikák (The Martian Chronicles), came out in 1984, and was later also released to great acclaim internationally. The band became active again in the 1990s, occasionally releasing new material (the most recent was the 2019 album 2.0 - Returnity (Unborn Visions)). They have performed all over the world and have been regularly appearing at Müpa Budapest since 2006 to present their oeuvre. The Martian Chronicles concert held here in 2014 and the accompanying album and video were nominated for several prestigious awards. This time around, Solaris will be translating their music into a style that is out of the ordinary for them, with Edina "Mókus" Szirtes and her band, the Péter Sárik Trio and the Sturcz Quartet all taking their usual creative approaches to these deservedly renowned compositions, which have been popular for decades.

Recording date: 22 June 2021.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest, Solaris Produkciós Ház Kft.
  • acoustic guitar
    Csaba Bogdán
  • piano
    Róbert Erdész
  • drums
    László Gömör
  • flute, recorder, „conductor”
    Attila Kollár
  • Edina Mókus Szirtes and her band
  • the Péter Sárik Trio
  • the Sturcz Quartet

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