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Funky Wheelers

JazzTime, sponsored by Lexus

  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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It is not secret that the aim of the JazzTime Festival, a free event at the beginning of the season, is to give Müpa Budapest's jazz fans as many opportunities as possible to enjoy themselves and soak in quality entertainment after the long months of forced closure and the summer break. Before the evening's performance in the Festival Theatre, there will be three concerts: last year's two Jazz Showcase winners, the Rebeka Nagy-Babos Quartet and perpētuum, will be followed on the Atrium stage by the Funky Wheelers.

Unique on the entertainment music scene, the ten-member band was formed with no less than a commitment to revisiting the funk and pop hits of the seventies and eighties. The band's musical director and arranger, the excellent bassist-composer György Frey, takes the hits of Stevie Wonder, LGT, Queen, Ferenc Demjén, Charlie, George Michael and Sting, dissects them and constructs something surprisingly new out of them. If he finds a more modern hit that he thinks is worthy of further exploration, he will readily leave his favourite eras temporarily behind, for a Maroon 5 song, for example. Their music, crowned by Ignác Czutor's singing voice, is characterised by the five wind instruments, while the unmistakable funky beat provides a solid foundation. The fact that the band's members are all renowned Hungarian jazz musicians gives them an imposing sound. The cocktail cherry on top of the cake is provided by a guest appearance by Orsi Kozma, who, like Ignác Czutor, used to be a member of Cotton Club Singers.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals, saxophone
    Ignác Czutor
  • guitar
    István Fekete
  • bass guitar
    György Frey
  • piano
    György Pataj
  • drums
    Tamás Berdisz
  • trumpet
    Balázs Szalóky, Béla Szalóky
  • trombone
    Tamás Szalóky
  • saxophone
    Árpád Dennert, Zoltán Zana
  • vocals
    Orsi Kozma
  • host
    Béla Szalóky

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