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Branka Básits

My Csép - Record release concert

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Branka Básits is in the fortunate position of having been born in a village with a rich folk music tradition. And the singer takes advantage of this favorable circumstance: recognising the value of the ancestral cultural heritage that nourished her, she has published her debut album Én Csépem (‘My Csép'), based on her own collections. Branka has reshaped Szigetcsép's Serbian folk music tradition through her own personal filter and performs it with her fellow musicians. Emerging at this album release concert will be a grand musical journey ranging from authentic sounds to experimental ones.

Branka Básits's album Én Csépem is an extremely diverse one, based on the Serbian folk music she collected in her native village and reworked with her musician colleagues. After incorporating her own experiences both personal and musical into the Serbian songs from Szigetcsép, she allowed the material to thoroughly mature for a long period of time. "Some of the songs I let fly far away, and others I left in their nest,” is how the performing artist with both Serbian and Hungarian ancestry, and who graduated from the Liszt Academy with a degree in folk music in 2017, described the process of crafting the songs to be heard at the concert. "For years, I have cherished this audio material I love so dearly. I would take it out and listen to it again and again. I allowed it to resonate and take form inside me. Just as it spread in the hearts and voices of the villagers over the course of the past few centuries. These songs preserve the past as an imprint of the spiritual world, feelings, and experiences of the people of the village, and I believe that through this record they can continue to convey the truths that time has made eternally valid.” In addition to singing with the Zűrös Band and Pravo, among other groups, Branka also performs concerts with the Boban Marković Orkestar. Awaiting us at this concert too are musical freedom and a sense of limitlessness.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Branka Básits
  • accordion
    Szlobodán Wertetics
  • plucked instruments
    Mihály György
  • wind instruments, tambura
    Bence Babcsán
  • violin
    Edina ‘Mókus' Szirtes
  • darbuka, tambura
    Krisztián Rodek
  • kaval
    Attila Gera
  • bass guitar
    Attila Boros
  • tapan
    Mihály György Jr

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