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Vujicsics 50

Outlook - Music of Motivation in the 21st Century

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The Vujicsics Ensemble, which plays South-Slavic music, has maintained the same line-up ever since their formation 50 years ago. The goal of the group, who have since reached the very pinnacle of European folk music, is the same as ever: following in the footsteps of Béla Bartók, Tihamér Vujicsics and György Martin, they have succeeded in preserving Serbian and Croatian folk music traditions while making their music enjoyable for people of all nationalities. They will be celebrating their 50th anniversary with a series of concerts throughout the year, culminating in an epic evening at the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. Along with the Söndörgő and several noted Hungarian musicians, the world-famous Israeli mandolinist, the Grammy-nominated Avi Avital will be celebrating with Vujicsicic as an international guest artist.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • saxophone, clarinet, tárogató, flute, ocarina, dvojnice, viola tambura
    Mihály Borbély
  • bass-prim tambura, tambura, samica, accordion, karaduzen, vocals
    Gábor Eredics
  • double bass, darbuka, tapan
    Kálmán Eredics
  • cello tambura, viola tambura, vocals
    Miroszláv Brczán
  • prim tambura, bass-prim tambura, litarka, viola tambura
    Ferenc Szendrődi
  • prim tambura, bass-prim tambura, cello tambura, darbuka, vocals
    Áron Eredics
  • violin
    Attila Mihó
  • prim tambura, samica, cello tambura, darbuka
    Áron Eredics
  • viola tambura, trumpet, vocals
    Benjamin Eredics
  • prim tambura, bass-prim tambura, kaval, clarinet, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
    Dávid Eredics
  • accordion, flute, bass-prim tambura, cello tambura, hulusi
    Salamon Eredics
  • double bass, tapan
    Ábel Dénes
  • gardon, dance
    Zoltán "Batyu” Farkas
  • cimbalom
    Miklós Lukács
  • violin
    Lajos Sárközi Jr
  • mandolin
    Avi Avital

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