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Platon Karataev - Napkötöző

Album launch concert

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Named after a Leo Tolstoy character, Platon Karataev have progressed as naturally as possible since forming in 2016 to become one of the most popular guitar bands in Hungary. Its members are guided much more by a series of strong intuitions than an excessive confidence in their own ability. Since releasing their debut album, For Her, in 2017, the team has been coming out with a new set of highly unique songs around every two years. After 2020's Atoms came their 2022 record Crying for Shore, with their fourth album, Napkötőző (‘Sunbound') slated to premiere at Müpa Budapest in 2024.

Starting out with two songwriters and frontmen in the form of singer/guitarists Gergely Balla and Sebestyén Czakó-Kuraly, as well as some folk-rock inspiration, the Budapest band began achieving international success even with its first LP. Since then, their songs have been streamed millions of times around the world. With their second album, Atoms, Platon Karataev turned away from their initial acoustic direction towards a grander and more powerful sound. That album is about the search for our innermost selves and our questioning of all of existence. In the songs, we sometimes fall inwards into ourselves, and at other times drift further away. The group's third album, Partért kíáltó (‘Crying for Shore'), released in 2022, continues along this same line and features songs not only in Hungarian, but also in all the mother tongues of every human being. This theme of theirs has nature watching mankind, with the eyes of the water, mountains and forest all gazing at us as we continue to wander through the core of existence. This Fonogram Award-winning LP will be followed by Napkötőző in the spring of 2024. The band will present the album here at Müpa Budapest. This time around, while it is now the symbol of the Sun at the centre of the compositions, the journey started on the previous album still continues - with further expanded guitar music traditions and a mystical lyrical world.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals, guitar
    Gergely Balla
  • vocals, guitar
    Sebestyén Czakó-Kuraly
  • vocals, bass guitar
    László Sallai
  • drums
    Soma Bradák

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