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Little G Weevil Band: Something Poppin'

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We would like, even during this extraordinary situation, for the Müpa Budapest audience to still be able to encounter the world's most outstanding and thrilling artists each evening - this time in their own homes. It is precisely for this reason that we have decided to unlock our media library for everyone over the weeks to come and - each night at the familiar times - open Müpa Budapest's virtual concert hall and auditoriums by providing access to a single unforgettable performance from past years.

The performance will be broadcasted on our website, Facebook-page and YouTube channel.

This concert was part of the European tour to promote Something Poppin', the 2017 album by Gábor Szűcs, a.k.a. Little G Weevil, the multiple award-winning, Hungarian-born blues guitarist and singer who has lived in the U.S. for many years. The album has featured on the world's combined blues hit lists, been hailed as revolutionary in the American press and garnered excellent reviews from Australia to Japan. Little G comes to Müpa with a fantastic band, vocalists and international star guests Dionne Bennett from the UK and James & Black from the US, as well as local guitar legend Tibor Tátrai, with whom he took to the stage for the first time.
The voice of British-Jamaican singer Dionne Bennett might sound familiar to us from listening to various neo soul, blues and jazz numbers, as well as to numerous European alternative pop and groove hits. Bruce James and Bella Black, a.k.a. James & Black, have risen from their beginnings in Austin, Texas, to become one of Europe's most sought-after American duos in the soul and R&B categories. Their performance combines beautiful vocal harmonies with full-blooded funky New Orleans piano and outstanding compositions. Critics have compared Black's deep, powerful voice to that of Nina Simone. Tibor Tátrai needs no introduction to local audiences: the Artist of Merit and Liszt Prize-winning guitarist and composer has been among the most popular musicians in Hungarian rock since the 1970s - and with good reason.

This recording was made at a concert held at Müpa Budapest on 24 April 2018.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • guitars, vocals
    Little G Weevil
  • drums
    Daniel Harper
  • keyboards
    Mátyás Premecz
  • bass guitar
    Márton Pfeff
  • guitars
    László Borsodi
  • vocals
    Zsófi Kállai Kis, Jonathan Andelic
  • Dionne Bennett
  • James & Black
  • Tibor Tátrai

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