International Jazz Day

world music, jazz, popular music

two intervals
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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This year and for the sixth time, Müpa Budapest will be one of the most important Hungarian venues for events on International Jazz Day. On this special day, every significant jazz club and concert venue hosts free performances for the enjoyment of jazz novices and great fans of the genre alike. As in previous years, the young band deemed the best by the Jazz Showcase 2019 jury will take the stage in the Atrium at 4 pm.
At 6 pm, Egri Drive Stuff will let loose. The group was founded in the summer of 2018 under the direction of János Egri, one of Hungary's most experienced bass guitarists. Their music, grounded in groove and combining funk, soul and Latin rhythms and other jazz-friendly traditions, features their own compositions as well as adaptations. It will be particularly interesting to see the up-and-coming singer János Egri Jr., son of the band leader, take the stage as a special guest.
The closing set will be performed by drummer Bendegúz Varga's sextet. The group formed in March 2018 and Varga produced their début album Goldmund along with the best thirty- and forty-something Hungarian jazz musicians. Their adaptations, crafted with meticulous care and melding seamlessly into today's mainstream, find emotional and atmospheric unity with the group's own wonderful compositions, which allow plenty of room for improvisation. Their deeply emotional music is easy to understand and love, even by those new to jazz, as the audience at Müpa Budapest will soon be able to attest.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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The Müpa Budapest underground garage gates will be operated by an automatic number plate recognition system. Parking is free of charge for visitors with tickets to any of our paid performances on that given day. The detailed parking policy of Müpa Budapest is available here.

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  • bass guitar
    János Egri
  • trumpet
    István Fekete
  • saxophone
    Zoltán Zana
  • keyboard instruments
    Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos
  • drums
    Lajos Gyenge
  • vocals
    Egri János Jr.
  • tenor saxophone
    János Ávéd, Dániel Mester
  • guitar
    Csaba Czirják, Márton Fenyvesi
  • double bass
    Ádám Bögöthy
  • drums
    Bendegúz Varga

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