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Hidden treasures from jazz history - from ragtime to hot jazz

35 years of the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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'Doctors should prescribe them to the half of the world that is neurotic,' is what one critic had to say about the music of the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band, which turns 35 this year. This time, these virtuosic instrumentalists and jokesters from Kecskemét will be focusing on songs from the golden age of jazz history by Jabbo Smith, Jimmy Noone and Jelly Roll Morton.

The trademark of the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band, which is led by Tamás Ittzés and has long enjoyed a significant international reputation, is versatility. It only appears to be contradictory that what they have played at their concerts and on the more than 20 records they have released so far has always been traditional jazz, bringing to life the atmosphere of the America of circa 1910-1940, or of Budapest during the interwar period. While this repertoire is stylistically extraordinarily rich, what the 'Bohemians' do with their colourful arrangements and characteristic performance style, a great deal of humor, and with aid enlisted from singers and dancers, makes it even more varied. They have performed at every major international jazz festival focused on their genre of jazz (Oslo, Breda, Pori, Rimini, Sacramento, etc.), and they have also held their own festival every year since 1992. This end-of-summer concert shines the spotlight not on the traditional greatest stars (Gershwin, Armstrong, Ellington and the like), but on hidden treasure that, while they are still known and played today, their creators themselves have been forgotten by 'ungrateful posterity'.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • piano, violin, vocals, bandleader
    Tamás Ittzés
  • trumpet
    József Lebanov
  • trombone
    Zsolt Bera
  • clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, vocals
    Zoltán Mátrai
  • banjo, guitar
    Csaba Hegedüs
  • tuba, double bass
    József Török
  • drums
    Alfréd Falusi
  • Pepita Dance Ensemble
  • trumpet soloist and host
    Béla Szalóky
  • trumpet, trombone
    Attila Korb
  • vocals
    Éva Bolba, Mariann Mudrák

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