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Eszter Bíró's Pre-Easter Concert

Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Mini Matinée

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What would Easter be like without Easter eggs?! Sorely lacking! This possibility, however, is one that Tobias the Easter bunny is forced to confront when he reads the letter from Mother Hen, who is suffering from a cold. Nevertheless, there is no difficult situation that cannot be solved with the help of friends, some musical accompaniment and a fun story. Well aware of this fact, Eszter Bíró and her team will conduct a playful Easter egg hunt at their interactive family concert the weekend before the long-awaited Easter holiday. All you little bunny kids out there, come help Tobias make sure that we'll be able to have Easter again this year!

A singer and actress educated both here and in America, Eszter Bíró is one of the versatile talents of her generation and the winner of various distinctions, including the Fonogram and Érték awards. It was a decade ago when she first tried her hand at what was for her the new area of playful, interactive children's concerts, which have since endeared themselves to an entire generation. Bíró is at home in many mediums: just think of her television series, audio recordings, live concerts and best-selling books. Where does such artistic diversity come from? "As a parent myself, I too really like it when I can choose from several options, especially when a gift can be used for educational purposes as well as entertainment... But I am primarily a performing artist, so live performance is the ultimate goal of my various undertakings.” The two volumes of Musical Animal Alphabet, the book Time Eraser and the television series The Adventures of the Time Gnome have now become popular favourites, and the Easter concert will include excerpts from these. Complementing Bíró's catchy vocals and playfulness-inducing lyrics are the contributions of her likewise versatile fellow musicians. Naturally, there is no cause for worry: the varied adventures end happily, with the audience singing along with Bíró and her team: "All is well, Tobias! Easter is here, and there will be eggs!”

Age: 3-8 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • percussion instruments, accordion, vocals
    Sándor Födő
  • clarinet, tárogató (Turkish pipe), recorder, jaw harp, Hungarian bagpipes
    Balázs Cserta
  • guitar, vocals
    Zsolt Csókás

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