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The Last Words of György Martin

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Coming to life in a magical space will be the birth of a branch of scholarship. The one that transformed folk dance for the theatre, enabling even the bell-bottom jeans-wearing generation that grew up on urban beat music to get to know the dance traditions of rural Hungary. Scholars and artists share the same objective: to seek ways to present the reality they observe. The reality. While art speaks to our emotions, scholarship addresses the intellect. The research and findings of György Martin are crucial components of our current understanding of how we think about folk dance today.

Based in Bratislava (Pozsony), the Young Hearts Dance Theatre have been searching for points of connection between scholarship and art since as early as the 2000s (with such works as Letters from the Uplands and Dance for Stringed Instruments). The ensemble places special focus on shaping the traditional dance and music culture of the Hungarians living in Slovakia for the stage, presenting it as a socially valuable cultural treasure within a Central European context. Dusan Hégli's creative commitment to art, scholarship, theatre and folk dance can also be seen in their internationally successful productions Hontalanítás, Finetuning and Barbaro. This time around, Hégli has chosen an experimental documentary approach to the unique subject of the drama, centred around - in addition to Hungarian traditions - the text and a realistic industrial-looking set. Inspired and facilitated by Jolán Borbély, the production also owes its existence to the aid of Péter Éri and Géza Sebők. This premiere here in Budapest will be the first in a series of performances that will continue on 26 March at the Kolozsvár Hungarian Opera in Cluj-Napoca, and then later in Bratislava and Brussels.

Presented by: Young Hearts Dance Theatre
  • dance
    Barbara Gyenes,
    Zsófia Hrapka
    Tamara Makó
    Veronika Sebő
    Ágnes Varsányi
    Anna Vermes
    Norbert Sándor Bacsa
    Ákos Botló
    Erik Brusznyai
    Gergely Fekete
    András Kovács
    András Lantos
  • musicians
    Máté Hegedűs
    Gergely Dávid Hegedűs
    Miklós Király
    Tamás Király
    Sándor Kuti
  • vocals
    Anna Vermes
  • Katalin Éri, Márton Éri
  • concept, set design, choreography
    Dusan Hégli
  • music
    Máté Hegedűs, Gergely Dávid Hegedűs, Muzsikás Ensemble
  • musical curators
    Máté Hegedűs, Dusan Hégli, Miklós Király
  • professional consultants
    Jolán Borbély, Péter Éri
  • artistic collaborators
    Kriszta Bíró
    Ákos Botló
    Bence Hégli
    Ágnes Varsányi
    Zsófi Varsányi
  • director
    Dusan Hégli

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