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Hungarian State Folk Ensemble - Hungarian Heritage House: Sunlegend

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A long-held dream of the artists of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble was realised when they encountered the fresh, dynamic music of Nikola Parov, a popular but unusual ethnic blend incorporating ancient motifs while utilising saxophone, drums and brass instruments. The music is combined here on stage with the most lively and energetic movements of Hungarian folk dance, creating a veritable whirlwind of dance. The collaboration takes the essence of the region's musical and dance traditions as a basis to produce a creative vision of dance theatre in the spirit of the 21st century, using the distinctive tools of art to visualise the cult of the Sun and the part it plays in our lives, exploring the relationship between the Sun's celestial journey and the progress and turning points of human existence.

Act 1
1st movement:
DAWN - Spring
We came on a path of stars
Dawn sacrifice
Song of the Sun

2nd movement:
NOON - Summer
Summer is now, summer

3rd movement:
SUNSET - Autumn
You will see me leave
Trains take them away

4th movement:
NIGHT - Winter
Lament in red and green
Fighting games - A beautiful day dawns

Act 2
5th movement:
Prisoner's song
Waiting for the rain

6th movement:
Devils' ball
The last song

7th movement:
There is always a new day

Presented by: National Dance Theatre

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  • music
    Nikola Parov
  • set design, paintings
    Géza Barcsik
  • costumes
    Zsuzsa Imrik
  • choreography
    Ildikó Németh
    Gábor Mihályi
    Béla Ónodi
    Tamás Szappanos
    Miklós Végső
  • troupe leader
    György Ágfalvi
  • assistants to the troupe
    Beatrix Borbély
    Katalin Jávor
    Máté Farkas
    Zoltán Zsuráfszky Jr
  • artistic director
    István "Szalonna” Pál
  • director-choreographer, ensemble director
    Gábor Mihályi

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