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Szeged Contemporary Dance Company: Cinderella

Family fairy-tale ballet

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Some people need to immerse themselves in the world of a true classic every evening: this family fairy tale ballet by the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company gives every member of the family the opportunity to do just that. Everyone knows the story of Cinderella: the poor girl tormented by her new family until life takes a fabulous turn for the better thanks to a handsome prince. In this visually spectacular production involving several generations of dancers, the wicked of course earn their due punishment, and the good will find each other. The key to happiness is represented by a pair of pointe shoes...

"I see it as my mission to educate the younger generation about how watching dance is a positive experience, and how stories can be perfectly encoded and understood through movement,” says Kossuth Prize-winning choreographer and director Tamás Juronics, who created Cinderella together with co-choreographer Gergely Czár. Prokofiev's characterful music guides and directs the dancers almost from motion to motion: even the smallest members of the audience will understand exactly where we are situated in a story retold on a quite wide emotional scale, ranging from humour to love. Beautifully and sensitively framing this production by the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company is the evocation of the figure of the lost mother: it is from her that Cinderella starts out, and to her that she prepares to return. There is no reason to worry, though. Everything will naturally culminate in a happy ending, and in addition to the fairy-tale prince discovering his true love at the sumptuously colourful ball scene, the eyes of the father, exploited and oppressed by the wicked stepmother, will finally be opened. After that, nothing can stand in the way of family happiness. Kázmér Tóth has dreamed up a spectacular space for the fairy tale to unfold in, with the friendly family house magically transforming into a monumental ballroom. Another interesting aspect of the show is the way it gives important roles to several generations of students from Szeged's VargaBalett Dance Workshop.

Age: 4- year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Cinderella
    Chiara Gionti
  • Prince
    Lotár Vincze
  • Stepmother
    Petra Bocsi
  • Stepsisters
    Letizia Melchiorre, Diletta Savini
  • Beggar
    Róbert Kiss
  • Mouse
    Janka Nier
  • The Mother's ghost
    Adrienn Nyeste
  • Father
    Gergely Czár
  • Fairies
    Diletta Ranuzzi, Miriam Munno, Giordana Marzocchi
  • Servants
    Francesco Totaro, Ábel Mezei
  • Mice, fairies, ballgoers
    Students from the VargaBallet Dance Studio
  • Music
    Szergei Prokofiev
  • Costumes
    J. D. S.
  • Set design
    Kázmér Tóth
  • Animation
    Play Dead Stúdió
  • Lighting
    Ferenc Stadler
  • Childrens' ballet master
    József Varga
  • Co-choreographer
    Gergely Czár
  • Ballet director
    András Pataki
  • Choreographer, artistic director
    Tamás Juronics

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