dance, contemporary circus

Duna Art Ensemble: Székely Gate

one interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Liszt Fest

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A Székely gate is a symbol of ancient power, faith, hope, belonging to God, a channel of communication between heaven and earth. Its three posts represent the unity of body, soul and spirit, and its carvings are symbols that render protection, grace and blessing.
The Duna Art Ensemble drew inspiration for its production from this wonderful, richly meaningful construction. The creators want this show to open a passage between two spheres, the sacred and the secular. The viewer is transported through space and time to the past of the Székelys, reviving their long-forgotten dances, recalling their origin and evoking major events in their history. The spiritual message of a Székely gate is ‘Blessings to you who enter, peace to you who leave.'

This performance of the Bartók Spring is presented by Müpa Budapest as a joint event with the Duna Art Ensemble.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Duna Art Ensemble and the Göncöl Band
  • voice
    Andrea Navratil
  • voice
    Izabella Caussanel
  • Violin
    Álmos Gáspár
  • viola, kontra, tamburica, Irish bouzouki
    Sándor Csoóri Jr
  • cello
    Péter Friderikusz
  • double bass
    Dávid Lakatos
  • bass guitar
    Gábor Földes
  • tárogató, recorder
    Béla Szerényi Jr
  • trumpet, flugelhorn
    Patrik Sebestyén
  • harmonica
    Zsombor Herédi
  • piano
    Botond Őri Kiss
  • harp
    Márk Csernovszki
  • cimbalom
    Áron Horváth
  • musical saw
    Masato Okazaki
  • music
    Sándor Csoóri Jr
  • music editors
    István "Szalonna” Pál
  • dramaturgy
    Orza Călin
  • set
    Gábor Michac
  • costumes
    Borbála Winkler Petri-Kiss, Rita Furik
  • dance masters
    Berta Módos Almási
    Máté Módos
    Balázs Sáfrán
    Csaba Szabó
    Ágnes Farkas
    Beáta Gaschler
    Áron Antal
    Anett Nagypál
    Lénárd Chifor
  • dance troup leaders
    Gyula András Soós, Katalin Bonifert
  • choreographers
    Tamás Farkas
    Norbert "Cimbi” Kovács
    Ignác Kádár
    Zsolt Juhász
    Orza Călin
  • director
    Zsolt Juhász

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