dance, contemporary circus

Ballet Pécs: Carmina Burana

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Carmina Burana is an unavoidable subject, a great task that is nevertheless a wonderful challenge in the career of a choreographer and one that sooner or later draws the creative artist to it. Orff's composition elevates the medieval student songs to a loftier region. The majesty of the music inspires the choreographer to bear testimony to this self-destructive and mechanised world with an expression of concern for humankind, our common humanity and moral failings, and for our spiritual salvation. At the same time, it also celebrates the sanctity of life, glittering with the hope for a better future.
Artistic director and director-choreographer Balázs Vincze is very familiar with the tastes of dance aficionados partial to the traditions of bourgeois theatre and is superb at adapting familiar and popular literary classics to the dance stage. His wonderful sense of proportion enables audiences to follow plots in the language of dance. His contemporary choreographies built on classical foundations are unique, spectacular and of a high professional calibre without losing sight of the need to please the audience. Vincze's works are always inspired by the company, regularly using its individual features as a starting point. What gives each Ballet Pécs production its unique flavour is the character-depiction skills of its dancers, along with their talent as performing artists. This is the key to success that has led to Vincze's choreographies playing to full houses at the National Theatre of Pécs, as well as across Hungary and internationally.

The premiere was a co-production of Pécsi Balett Nonprofit Kft. and Pécsi Nemzeti Színház Nonprofit Kft. and has been made possible with the support of the National Cultural Fund.

The performance is recommended for those aged 14 and over.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Stranger
    Péter Koncz
  • Mother
    Katalin Ujvári
  • Hope
    Dávid Matola
  • Girl
    Karin Iwata
  • Dance
    Edina Frank
    Réka Annamária Horváth
    Rebeka Pintér
    Reetta Riikonen
    Nina Rónaki
    Csongor Balogh
    Kristóf Domján
    Zsolt Molnár
    José Blasco Pastor
    Márton Szabó
    Szabolcs Pataki (27.04) /Bence Szendrői (31.05; 01.06)
    Szilárd Tuboly
    Máté Varga
    dancers of Ballet Pécs
  • dance
    Nikolett Bene, Natália Nagy, students of Pécs High School, Vocational School and Technical school for the Arts
  • Music
    Carl Orff
  • Dramaturg
    Balázs Vincze, Teodóra Uhrik
  • Set design
    Júlia Luca Erdős
  • Costumes
    Katalin Fekete
  • Assistant choreographer
    Zsolt Molnár
  • Projection
    Virág Pázmány
  • Director-choreographer
    Balázs Vincze

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