Christmas Surprise

Gifts of entertainment!

Spend at least 10,000 HUF on tickets to events organised by Müpa Budapest or on gift vouchers between 26 November and 24 December 2019, and you will receive a 1000 HUF voucher for every 10,000 HUF spent.

Your gift vouchers will be automatically added to your cart when shopping online and will be sent to you in a separate email.

You can also get access to other benefits if, before making your purchase, you join our free Müpa+ Loyalty Programme, where for every 100 HUF spent on ticket purchases, we will credit 1 or even 2 loyalty point to your account. The purchaser and the user of the gift voucher will both receive loyalty points for the gift vouchers, which means that along with the voucher, you are also giving the gift of collecting points. (Naturally, we can only add these points if the user of the gift voucher also joins the free Müpa+ Loyalty Programme, which only takes a few clicks.)

Treat yourself and your loved ones to unforgettable memories!

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