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When The Music's Over - Jim Morrison 80

Nóvé/iamyank/Vangel re-imagine The Doors

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Hey, June!

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The Jim Morrison-led Los Angeles band The Doors were one of the most iconic and influential bands of the 20th century. The bohemian singer and poet of this definitive blues-rock and psychedelic rock quartet has had an almost unwordly impact on not just his own generation, but those who came after, too. Now, three well-known Hungarian musicians have combined their creative talents to rework his still highly relevant music to create a 21st-century sound. Under the name When The Music's Over, the trio of Soma Nóvé, iamyank and Tibor Vangel will pay tribute to The Doors and Morrison, who would have celebrated his 80th birthday this year.

The Doors are one of the most essential bands in rock history: every new generation discovers them anew, and there is always another layer to be deciphered in their complex and unusually orchestrated songs, not to mention the character of Jim Morrison, who passed away in 1971. Now, three well-known Hungarian creators from decidedly different fields have realised that they have a mutual interest in exploring Morrison's work. One common thread between the three artists is they like to work in a wide array of different areas. Soma Nóvé, who gained fame as the frontman of the neo-psychedelic Middlemist Red, today plays with the folk-rock group MORDÁI, and is also involved in a wide range of other groups, too. Across various different projects, the genre-defying iamyank has taken his audiences on a journey from electronica to contemporary music and ambient post-metal. Tibor Vangel is the former drummer of Sexepil, one of the most influential Hungarian alternative rock bands of the 1980s and 1990s, before later becoming a member of the Volkova Sisters and DB Armitage. Now, the three Hungarian musicians will take the stage together for the very first time. On the Müpa Budapest stage, we will witness an encounter between the psychedelic 1960s and the electronic sound of the present day.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Soma Nóvé
  • electronics, keyboards instruments
  • drums
    Tibor Vangel
  • saxophone
    Dániel Varga

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