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Viktor Tóth: Right On!

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Jazz Workshop

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Viktor Tóth is an official Gold Wreath Talent Creator. Tóth first performed with the then 11-year-old Dávid Hodek on drums in 2008. On this occasion, he will also play alongside Hodek's younger brother, with the ten-year-old bass guitar phenomenon Áron Hodek completing the rhythm section. Just nod your head as you listen to the grooves! Two outstanding pianists/keyboard players, Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos and Balázs Neumann, will take care of ensuring rich harmonies and ever-expanding musical spaces. Right On! is full of brand new music, the magical sound of the 21st century.

Viktor Tóth has been called the 'leanest' musician on the Hungarian jazz scene. He has won Jazz Saxophonist of the Year several times, not to mention Songwriter of the Year. He was a member of various Hungarian groups in the 1990s. Then, after completing a degree, in 2004 he founded the Viktor Tóth Tercet, a band still in action today and always capable of showing us a new face in their music. He is also the steady driver of the good ship of the Road Six Sax group, the Viktor Tóth Arura Trio and the Bird Food Market electronic music association. Tóth respects the traditions of jazz and folk music while also seeking out opportunities to apply new techniques and modes of expression, as well as ways to bring the two directions closer together through the fertile power of improvisation.
Right On! is a meeting of some of the greats of jazz and hip-hop. In addition to the composer-conductor-saxophonist, Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos and Balázs Neumann will create a harmonious freedom for music born in the moment. Two virtually world-famous siblings - the exceptionally talented Áron Hodek on bass guitar, and Dávid Hodek, who has grown from a prodigy to an inventive jazz musician at the drums - will take care of the abstract grooves and broken beats, while György Orbán's double bass will form an exciting contrast with Áron Hodek's bass guitar.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • alto saxophone, loops
    Viktor Tóth
  • piano
    Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos
  • keyboard instruments
    Balázs Neumann
  • bass guitar
    Áron Hodek
  • drums
    Dávid Hodek
  • double bass
    György Orbán

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