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Vera Tóth - Budapest Jazz Orchestra - Danubia Orchestra: Holiday with ease

This Müpa Budapest concert has been made possible through sponsorship from MBH Bank.

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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This holiday brings a surprise for all. Singer Vera Tóth has been celebrating Christmas with the most iconic Hungarian big band, the Budapest Jazz Orchestra, for more than 10 years. So lovers of pop music and jazz can both enjoy it and, on this occasion, even the classical sound elements play an important role, courtesy of Danubia Orchestra's string musicians. In addition to traditional festive tunes, Vera's songs will also be performed. And, should that be not enough, more guest stars: Petra Gubik, Iván Vitáris and Laci Duka - as well as another surprise guest - will make the occasion truly unforgettable.

Vera Tóth has always believed that performers of different styles can find ways to come together and create precious moments for their audiences that can only be created by stepping out of their own medium. The intimate festivity of Christmas carries a similar meaning for most of us, which also helps to achieve the shared musical experience. In addition to the Budapest Jazz Orchestra celebrating its 25-year jubilee this year and the Danubia Orchestra, Vera invites other exceptional performer friends to the stage of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. We can safely say that this year's guests will make the concert more enjoyable with their unique personalities, and together the performers will prove how many different melodies can be present on stage at once.
All those who attend the evening will receive a memorable gift two days before Christmas Eve, courtesy of Vera Tóth, her fellow musicians and Müpa Budapest.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Vera Tóth
  • the 11-strong string orchestra of the Danubia Orchestra
  • László Kovács
  • artistic director, alto saxophone
    Gábor Kollmann
  • alto saxophone
    Dániel Mester
  • tenor saxophone
    Zoltán Zana, Tamás Meleg
  • baritone saxophone
    György Varga
  • trumpet
    Péter Tulkán
    Dániel Hofecker
    Bence Táborszky
    Áron Koós-Hutás
  • trombone
    Ferenc Schreck, Nándor Kasza, Gábor Skerlecz
  • bass trombone
    Viktor Dániel Nagy
  • grand piano
    Attila Juhász
  • guitar
    Miklós Birta
  • double bass, bass guitar
    Viktor Hárs
  • drums
    Dániel Serei
  • vocals
    Petra Gubik
  • vocals
    Iván Vitáris
  • violin
    Laci Duka
  • piano
    Lacika Duka
  • vocals
    Cini, a mentee of the Világszép Foundation

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