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Tony Lakatos: Blue Chili

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Jazz Workshop

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Though Tony Lakatos has lived in Germany since 1981, he has always come to play in Hungary as if he were arriving home. He has most frequently returned as a special guest performer, so it is about time that he finally brought us his own group and album: Blue Chili, packed full with captivating songs. Every member of his all-star band is a master of the blues, together capable of creating an atmosphere as hot as a chilli pepper. They will come to Müpa Budapest at the end of their European tour.

Many artists found the pandemic to be a time of creativity - filling the period locked away indoors by writing songs, for example. So it was for Tony Lakatos, who recorded an album with his superb bandmates in April 2022 that contains what he believes are the finest tracks of his composing career. His quintet is formed from old friends, with Tony keen to focus on smaller formations after more than 30 years of service with the HR Big Band in Frankfurt. Alex Sipiagin is an American trumpeter of Russian origin, who told Tony Lakatos that he listened to his records when residing in Moscow and they were hugely influential. Thirty-five years on, the pair dreamed up a new joint project during a masterclass in Singapore. The American pianist Danny Grissett has worked with the finest of the genre, from Nicholas Payton to Kendrick Scott. He also enjoyed a joint tour alongside Tony, who was highly impressed by the elegance of Grisset's play. Hans Glawischnig, in addition to working with the most prestigious performers of jazz and Latin music in the world, has also been a double bass player at Frankfurt Radio for many years, which is where his connection and friendship with Tony originated. Drummer Gregory Hutchinson, who truly made his name alongside Roy Hargrove, worked with Tony on a concert and CD recording in tribute to Charles Mingus, and stayed with him for the making of Blue Chili.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • tenor saxophone, alto flute
    Tony Lakatos
  • trumpet, flugelhorn
    Alex Sipiagin
  • piano
    Danny Grissett
  • double bass
    Hans Glawischnig
  • drums
    Gregory Hutchinson

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