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To My Friend - a theatrical concert inspired by the correspondence between János Arany and Sándor Petőfi

National premiere

no interval
Festival Theatre

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János Arany and Sándor Petőfi's correspondence comprised heartfelt conversations in which no topic was off limits. Private life, politics, money, public life and, of course, ambitious visions of reforming poetry. György Ferenczi and the 1-ső Pesti Rackák, the Tükrös Zenekar and two talented final-year acting students, Vilmos Krasznai and Ágoston Liber, will reanimate perhaps the two most important years of the two young poets' lives through the piercing humour of their letters.

It will be as if they were sitting down and conversing with us. Petőfi and Arany - fire and water. But as the old saying goes; opposites attract. György Ferenczi has composed music to the verses the poets wrote for each other, while the Petőfi poems that later turned into folk songs will be performed to music from the Tükrös Zenekar. The performance, based on a concept from Endre Liber, is brought to the stage by the choreographer and director Dusan Hégli and the actress and dramaturg Éva Enyedi.

Presented by: Planétás Kft.
  • János Arany
    Vilmos Krasznai - prose, vocals
  • Sándor Petőfi
    Ágoston Liber - prose, vocals
  • accordion, vocals
    György Ferenczi
  • melodica, vocals
    Ádám Apáti
  • horn, vocals
    Gábor Bizják
  • cajon, vocals
    Miklós Jankó
  • mandolin, vocals
    Zsolt Pintér
  • viola
    Péter Árendás
  • violin, vocals
    Attila Halmos
  • violin
    Gergely Koncz
  • double bass
    András Lelkes
  • cimbalom, viola
    Endre Liber
  • producer, musical editor, libretto
    Endre Liber
  • libretto, dramaturg
    Éva Enyedi
  • music
    György Ferenczi
  • director
    Dusan Hégli

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