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The Great Hungarian Songbook 3

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Great Hungarian Songbook 3 is a continuation of the ideas first formulated by the project's creators in 2014, yet it will still offer us a new experience. Musical director Norbert Káel has retained the original concept as he takes an innovative approach to reworking old Hungarian hits, but this time around we will travel from the 1950s to the 1990s. There will be a few lesser-known songs to complement the old classics, all perfomed by the vocal duo of Dóri Behumi and Dénes Pál with the help of the Jazzical Trio, supplemented by string and brass sections. György Böhm will direct the concert.

The pianist and composer Norbert Káel has long insisted that there is a treasure trove of 20th century Hungarian songs which - when reinterpreted with the help of a more up-to-date sound - can be enjoyed and loved by people of all ages. György Böhm, one of the most well-known and in-demand theatrical directors in Hungary, worked alongside Káel for the very first Great Hungarian Songbook show, and so perfect was their working relationship that they are still together for the third edition. The evening's two popular singing stars not only make for a captivating pair in photos, but also on the stage! In addition to her feminine qualities and vocal abilities, Dóri Behumi's playful nature makes her the ideal choice for the starring female role, while Dénes Pál's versatility as a partner is only matched by his fantastic vocal skills and charm as a performer. Once again, the main musical accompaniment will be provided by the Jazzical Trio, which was founded by Norbert Káel in 2014. In addition to the pianist, the trio features two highly respected artists from the Hungarian jazz scene, double bassist Péter Oláh and drummer András Lakatos Pecek. They will be joined by a string section, a trumpet player, saxophonist and a guitarist to ensure an accomplished sound.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Richárd Riederauer
  • vocals
    Dóri Behumi, Dénes Pál
  • the Jazzical Trio, accompanied by string and brass sections (Norbert Káel - piano, Péter Oláh - double bass, András Lakatos Pecek - drums)
  • musical director, orchestrator
    Norbert Káel
  • set design
    Erzsébet Túri
  • director
    György Böhm

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