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Tamás Molnár - SZÍV UTCA

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
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Tamás Molnár, frontman of both the group Anti Fitness Club and the duo JETLAG and author of countless lyrics to pop hits he wrote for other artists, will soon be coming out with his first own solo album, Szív utca ('Heart Street'). In an uninterrupted two-part programme, this performer who has also proven his ability at solo acoustic concerts will now début his new compositions as scored for a pop music chamber line-up, along with his own bands' classics and other songs that he has contributed to as a lyricist, all in a lyricist's recital that will be heard exclusively at Müpa Budapest.

Molnár led Anti Fitness Club, one of Hungary's most popular music acts and winner of the Fonogram Award and several Viva Comet awards, from its inception in 2002 until the mid-2010s. With the establishment of the duo JETLAG in 2016, his focus moved to electro-pop, but all the while he has remained one of the most sought-after lyricists in the world of Hungarian pop music - with his work winning multiple awards and recognitions. Several dozen stars - ranging all the way from Gabi Tóth and Dénes Pál to Soerii & Poolek - sing his verses as part of their repertoires, and at this concert, he will also be performing a few of these hits himself - with a completely new and different sound. The release of JETLAG's second album, Emlékbe, this year will soon be followed in 2021 by Molnár's first solo album, a full-length record titled Szív utca, from which he will be choosing a few songs, even before it comes out, to present for the first time on the stage at Müpa Budapest as part of a concert that will be special in several ways. With the help of a cello quartet, he'll début the new compositions as scored for a chamber group, and his two bands will also play new versions of his songs that were created especially for this occasion.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • vocals, guitar
    Tamás Molnár
  • piano
    Attila Juhász
  • violin
    Izsák Farkas
  • guitar
    Botond Lapis
  • percussion
    Nándor Weisz
  • cello, bass instruments
    Mihály Simkó-Várnagy
  • cello quartet
  • Gergő Szakács (Follow The Flow)
  • Zsolt Szivák (Cloud9+)
  • Janka Koszi
  • Marge

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