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Subtones feat. Otis Sandsjö

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Jazz Workshop

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The Subtones have a lot to answer for: we are beginning to run out of stylistic boundaries and guiding signs. By the time you manage to pin down their music, it has already escaped your grasp to set its own label. For this particular occasion, the Swedish saxophonist Otis Sandsjö will join the group as a special guest to add to the excitement. We can look forward to a specially prepared set, where experimental electronica and avant-garde meet vocal jazz, leaving space for the brilliant guest saxophonist's play and solos from the other members of the band.

Led by Gábor Subicz, the Subtones are one of the freshest jazz-pop supergroups in Hungary. Their music blends heavy trip-hop grooves, beautifully sung, intriguing yet catchy melodies and smoking jazz solos to create a unique whole. With its boundary defying, melody-centred songs, their 2020 debut album Octopus soon captured the hearts of its listeners - so much so that they immediately rushed to buy up all available physical copies of the record. The band's energetic, virtuoso performances have made them concert favourites. Their 2022 song Nem segít más (Nothing Else Helps) won them second place in Hungarian music contest, A Dal (The Song). The track also featured on their next album, Lángolj (Burn). The album features songs solely in the Hungarian language, with Mátyás Szepesi, Péter Závada and members of the Subtones writing lyrics that were a major contribution to Lángolj winning the 2023 Fonogram Award, in the Jazz Album of the Year category.
Otis Sandsjö's ‘space-age' saxophone play, with its audio mosaics employing elements of hip-hop, electronica and jazz, has earned the acclaim of critics and the general public throughout Europe. He has released two successful albums with his Berlin-based band, Y-Otis.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • trumpet, French horn, alto horn, vocals
    Gábor Subicz
  • vocals
    Vera Jónás, Flóra Kiss
  • keyboard instruments
    Dávid Benkő
  • guitar, vocals
    Zsolt Csókás
  • double bass, bass guitar
    Tibor Fonay
  • drums
    László Csízi
  • saxophone, electronics
    Otis Sandsjö

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