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Reggie Jonas Jr. Trio

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
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The rhythm section Trio have many ties to Müpa Budapest. They are regular guests at the Colour Concerts, and the group's members have performed both together and separately at the Jazz Showcase. In 2022, the three Jónáses won the Professional Prize at the Jazz Talent Exchange, and now they will crown their victory with this concert. Rezső won the 2020 Müpa Budapest Music Competiton for his composition Platform C, while in May of this year he was invited to perform at the 606 Jazz Club in London, where he played a highly acclaimed concert at the head of an international trio alongside the saxophonist Julian Siegel.

Born in 1998, Rezső Jónás began his college musical studies at the Béla Bartók Secondary School of Music, continuing in the classical piano department, and was later admitted as a special talent to the Royal Academy of Music in London, where he studied jazz piano. Jónás later went on to study under Béla Szakcsi Lakatos Jr. and then János Nagy at the Etűd Conservatory. He began writing music at a relatively early age, and performed his first significant composition alongside Gábor Bolla, Krisztián Pecek Lakatos and Elemér Balázs. In 2019, he received the Dezső Ablakos Lakatos Scholarship as a student of the Liszt Academy, and was also invited by Attila László to contribute to the recording of his latest album. Rezső graduated from the jazz department of the Liszt Academy in 2020 and is currently studying for a master's degree. He has also been teaching himself at the Harmonia Primary Music School for two years. The rhythm section of the Reggie Jonas Jr. Trio are two brothers who may share the bandleader's surname, but are not actually related to him. They are, however, just as talented. Géza Jónás was admitted to the Snétberger Music Talent Centre in 2013, and in 2014 was awarded a special prize at the International Student Jazz Competition in Târgu Mures as a member of the János Egri Jr. Quartet. In addition to his work alongside Rezső, Fülöp Jónás has also earned recognition as a bandmate of the guitarist Balázs Varga: he won the 1st Budapest Jazz Competition as part of the band Young Tigers, and also contributed to the composition performed by the Balázs Varga Group that won the Müpa Budapest Music Competiton.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • piano
    Rezső Jónás
  • double bass
    Géza Jónás
  • drums
    Fülöp Jónás

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