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Random Trip - New Horizon

no interval
Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Led by the drummer Jávor Delov and DJ Q-Cee, the Random Trip concert series is Hungary's most famous occasional musical adventure. It may feature different performers on each occasion but it always brings the same unpredictable improvisation that has become its trademark. The series has been running for 15 years, and in that time pop music has been through some decidedly big changes. Now, the ever-contemporary Random Trip is preparing for a concert that transcends musical eras. The concert will have four distinct sets, each featuring earlier definitive performers alongside the new stars of the 2020s.

Mainstream Hungarian pop music has perhaps never seen so much change so quickly as in the last few years. "We could say that the sounds of now and ten years ago are simply poles apart.” On this evening, the Random Trip team will attempt to find the common denominator between its own 15 years of history and present day pop music, a feat - finding the common denominator - that they have successfully achieved in every show of the concert series so far. So we can look forward to a spectacular experiment that unites these two poles, the new voices of the 2020s and the community's former defining figures, on a new musical horizon - with the concert programme featuring no less than four different musical sets. Openness has always been the most important value of the improvisational series led by Delov and co., but this kind of renewal, the meeting of new sounds, will likely take all of them even further out of their comfort zones. Pop music's new horizons have always offered fresh opportunities. Yet here, the 18 singers and musicians (not to mention some outstanding talents from the Vibe Changers improvisational series) will take the stage with the following cry: it's time for adventure!

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Sena Dagadu (Irie Maffia)
  • vocals
  • vocals
    Márk Zentai (Mörk)
  • rap
    Co Lee
  • rap
    Lil Frakk
  • rap
    MC Kemon (Irie Maffia)
  • vocals
    Ági Szász (Vintage Dolls)
  • vocals
    Bence Vavra
  • vocals
    Lili Péterffy (Lelle)
  • vocals
    Johanna Lengyel (Vasovski)
  • keyboards
    Damján Ocsovay (Mörk)
  • keyboards
    Tamás Sárdi (Hiding Place)
  • keyboards
    András Weil (Odd ID)
  • bass guitar
    István Bata (Makám)
  • bass guitar
    Tamás Heilig (Punnany Massif)
  • saxophone, flute
    Izsák Vidákovich
  • loop, guitar, bass guitar, beatbox
    Kristóf Nagy (7s)
  • turntable, beatbox
    DJ Q-Cee
  • drums
    Jávor Delov
  • flute
    Fanni Zahár (Дeva, À‎báse)
  • Vibe Changers Allstars
  • trumpet
    Alex Valdés (DELADAP - Austria)
  • saxophone
    Martin Scheran (DELADAP - Austria)

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