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Random Trip - 98 Minutes Around the World

world music, jazz, popular music

Open-Air Car Park
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The unrepeatable experience of a Random Trip concert is always an impromptu but memorable musical journey for the audience, who themselves make up a vital element of the party alongside the army of musicians and singers. For 11 years, drummer Jávor Delov and disc jockey DJ Q-Cee have been getting the best out of their ever-changing contingent of musical companions. This concert features three different line-ups embracing three very different worlds and styles: spontaneous hip-hop, the primal energy of rock and roll, and extended flights of musical fancy. A single show that offers a complex triple experience.

The Random Trip concert series run by drummer Jávor Delov and DJ Q-Cee has become a true brand in its own right. True to its name, it features a highly unexpected, unusual yet extremely influential format that sees leading lights of the Hungarian (and sometimes international) pop music scene embark on a totally unknown journey, though they always reach the final destination. That place where music sounds out that is liberated, groundbreaking or even inspiringly intimate. Unusual improvisations in an unusual format: during this concert, the audience will enjoy something on the Müpa Budapest stage that they have likely never seen before during a single concert performance - three musical words portrayed across three completely different set-ups. Like twirling the dial on a particularly sophisticated radio to find unfamiliar and instantly engaging music, blended together from familiar elements. At times, it has the feel of a hip-hop house party with a few star guests, before a striking flight into the rock and roll lifestyle and some joyful jamming that recalls the Blue Note jazz club in New York.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • vocals
    Márk Zentai (Mörk)
  • rap
    MC Kemon (Irie Maffia)
  • rap
    Eckü (Hősök)
  • rap
    Wolfie (Punnany Massif)
  • rap
    Pista Busa (Irie Maffia)
  • vocals
    Vera Jónás (Vera Jónás Experiment)
  • vocals
    Iván Vitáris (Ivan & The Parazol)
  • guitar
    Tamás Mohai
  • guitar, vocals
    Samu Pásztor (Anna & The Barbies)
  • keyboards, vocals
    Dániel Szebényi (Kowalsky meg a Vega)
  • keyboards
    Zoltán Cséry (Patché, Barabás Lőrinc Quartet)
  • bass guitar
    Gergő 'Drapi' Drapos (Bori Péterfy & Love Band)
  • bass guitar
    István Bata (Sena, Kéknyúl)
  • percussion instruments
    Andor Gábor
  • saxophone, flute
    Andris Jász (Kéknyúl)
  • violin
    Izsák Farkas
  • turntable, beatbox
    DJ Q-Cee
  • drums
    Jávor Delov


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