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Parno Graszt's major record release concert

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

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Parno Graszt is one of the most original and popular ensembles playing traditional Gypsy music: the dynamic and lively performance style that they exhibit at their concerts is guaranteed to get the audience moving. For their first independent concert at Müpa Budapest, they are creating a programme for - unusually for them - an unamplified show where they will perform while seated, with special guest musicians, allowing the public to get to know a different side of Parno Graszt.

The band has travelled nearly everywhere on the globe, appearing in almost every country in Europe, several Asian countries, and on numerous occasions in the United States and Mexico. Although they have been performing concerts for nearly 30 years, it was really in 2002 that the band burst into the public musical consciousness, when their first record, Rávágok a zongorára ('Hit the Piano'), shot up to number seven on the World Music Chart Europe compiled by European radio stations. They would repeat this feat in 2019, when their most recent album, Már nem szédülök ('Rolling Back'), made it to number five on the world music radio stations' list.

The nine-member band, who also comprise a family - as everyone is distantly related to everyone else - primarily play authentic Gypsy music, but they also have countless popular compositions of their own, as well as their own unique covers (including of songs by Quimby and AC/DC). In 2016, Parno Graszt made it to the final round of A Dal ('The Song'), Hungary's national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest, which helped make their name as widely known in Hungary as it is abroad.

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  • vocals, tambura, guitar
    József Oláh
  • cajón, guitar, vocals
    Viktor Oláh
  • accordion, vocals
    Krisztián Oláh
  • double bass
    János Oláh
  • spoons, vocals
    Sándor Horváth
  • can, oral bass
    István Németh
  • guitar, vocals
    János Jakocska
  • vocals, dance
    Mária Balogh, Heléna Oláh

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