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Omar Faruk Tekbilek and His Ensemble

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Despite growing up surrounded by musical instruments, it took quite a long time for him to eventually settle on a career in music. Always powerfully drawn to the sacred, Omar Faruk Tekbilek is one of Turkey's most influential performers of world music, and at Müpa Budapest in April he will bring new life to the noblest musical traditions of the Middle East.

"His talent stood out even in childhood.” This cliché about the child prodigy is, in the case of the multi-instrumentalist Omar Faruk Tekbilek, perhaps not such an exaggeration. At the age of eight, he was introduced to a wind instrument called the kaval, and thanks to his musical family, especially his uncle, who ran a musical instrument shop, his repertoire of musical instruments continued to expand. Although he was already regularly performing concerts by the age of twelve, it was still far from certain that he would embark on a musical career. For some years he was strongly attracted to clerical life and trained to be an imam. His spiritual dedication still defines his life and work, and through the language of music he is able to express messages of eternal truth. This is how he formed his first band, which brought together excellent musicians from across the conflict-ridden Middle East, regardless of origin, and his worldwide success with Brian Keane created a bridge between traditional Eastern music and a postmodern ambient sound. In April, on the occasion of the Hungarian-Turkish Cultural Season, he will pay his second visit to Müpa Budapest. He and his bandmates promise to bring to life a musical universe that spans continents and styles, centred around a fixed core of traditional Sufi music, folk sounds and Middle Eastern instrumental traditions.

This concert is taking place as part of the Hungarian-Turkish Cultural Season, in collaboration with the Yunus Emre Institute Budapest Turkish Cultural Centre.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals, ney, baglama, zurna
    Omar Faruk Tekbilek
  • kanun
    Bahadır Şener
  • piano, keyboards
    Yannis Dimitriadis
  • arrangements, guitar
    Federico Ferrandina
  • drums, percussion
    Chris Wabich
  • percussion
    Murat Tekbilek
  • music producer
    Ofer Ziv
  • sound engineer
    Christos Lambropoulos

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