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New Fossils & Mathias Eick

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Jazz Showcase

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These ancient fossils are decidely fresh. The New Fossils have been building up an army of fans since 2020, and their members have received plenty of individual acclaim, despite their young age. Together, they have wowed the Icelandic group ADHD with their distinctive, inventive, melodic music - with a little electronica and improvisation thrown in. The New Fossils released their eponymous debut album in 2023. For this concert, they come armed with new compositions and a special guest musician in the person of Norwegian trumpeter Mathias Eick.

Given the many shared points of their previous collaborations, forming the New Fossils was simply a natural progression for the five musicians. Their matrix of connections includes the Dresch Quartet, Mörk, MORDÁI, Deep Glaze and Laiho. And as a sign of how seriously they are taking their shared music-making future, they have even founded their own label, Morotva Records. Their unequivocally urbane music primarily features elements of jazz, though they are also open towards pop music, ambient, and even dance music. As Dániel Ferenc Szabó says, "This is music for a great journey, for daydreaming, staring at the clouds or just wandering around, yet it also contains lots of smaller details - if you pay close enough attention, it is full of exciting reactions.” All of these moments are what captivated Mathias Eick, whose increasingly important role on the international jazz scene is aptly illustrated by the fact that he has now released four albums with ECM Records, a label receptive to unique artistic values. A member of the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Jaga Jazzist, Eick has also worked with Chick Corea, Manu Katché, Pat Metheny, Iro Haarla, Jacob Young and others - not only as a trumpet player, but also on vibraphone, double bass, guitar and piano.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • saxophone
    Dániel Varga
  • piano
    Damján Ocsovay
  • guitar
    István Tóth Jr
  • double bass
    Marcell Gyányi
  • drums
    Dániel Ferenc Szabó
  • trumpet
    Mathias Eick

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Jazz Showcase

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