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A Celebration of Folk Music - concert by Márta Sebestyén

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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In this iteration of the gala series celebrating Hungarian folk music since 2008, it will be a concert by Márta Sebestyén that brings together many of the players from the scene. This time the legendary singer, active since the '70s, will take the stage with the children of her colleagues, the umpteenth generation of the Hungarian dance house movement, proving that "the love of folk music is no passing fancy.” In addition to the Erdőfű Band, Söndörgő and the Béla Szerényi and Sons Hurdy-Gurdy Band, we will also get to hear the Palatka Gypsy Band and, hailing from Ireland, Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny, along with many other guests. We can look forward to a true folk music festival.

As Márta Sebestyén sums up the line-up for the evening: "The concept is to showcase a generation that grew up during the decades after I did and which managed to grow ‘addicted' to folk music in the same way I did when Béla Halmos and Feri Sebő embraced me. [...] I asked my colleagues' talented teenage musician children - along with some of my own contemporaries - to come and make music with me.” From Erdőfű, the obvious point of connection is Péter Éri's two children, with whom she will perform a block of Hungarian folk music. The songstress has likewise known the members of Söndörgő since they were born, and will do some Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian tunes with them. But there will be plenty of everything else that Márta Sebestyén remains famous for too, including early music with Judit Andrejszki and viola da gamba player Zsolt Szabó and rock opera excerpts with organist Szabolcs Szamosi. Alongside the Saint Ephraim Male Choir, as another example, she will perform an arrangement of music by Tamás Cseh, and there will also be an exciting world music and dance production with dancer Dóra Bittner Meenakshi, with the members of the Palatka Gypsy Band and her Irish friends Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny also coming for the show. It will be gala of the very best.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Márta Sebestyén
  • vocals, harpsichord
    Judit Andrejszki
  • Saint Ephraim Male Choir
  • viola da gamba
    Zsolt Szabó
  • organ
    Szabolcs Szamosi
  • dance
    Dóra Bittner Meenakshi
  • vocals, mandola, bouzouki
    Andy Irvine
  • vocals, guitar, bouzouki
    Donal Lunny
  • violin
    Andor Maruzsenszki
  • violin, vocals
    Ádám Kiss-Balbinat
  • viola, kontra
    Márton Éri
  • double bass, gardon
    Katalin Éri
  • recorder, accordion
    Soma Salamon
  • prime tambura, cello tambura, darbuka, tapan
    Áron Eredics
  • viola tambura, trumpet, vocals
    Benjamin Eredics
  • prime tambura, alto bass prime tambura, kaval, clarinet, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
    Dávid Eredics
  • accordion, recorder, bass prime tambura, cello tambura, hulusi
    Salamon Eredics
  • double bass, tapan
    Ábel Dénes
  • hurdy-gurdy, zither
    Béla Szerényi
  • hurdy-gurdy, recorder, dance
    Béla Szerényi Jr
  • hurdy-gurd
    Domokos Szerényi
  • violin, viola
    Martin ‘Florin' Codoba
  • violin, viola
    Martin ‘Florin' Codoba Jr
  • viola
    Ignat Marius Codoba
  • double bass
    Karsa Mezei

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