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How I became an entire band - the Péter Egyedi story

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
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For the past twenty years, Péter Egyedi has consistently been a significant member of the Hungarian underground music scene, first with the band Annabarbi, and later as the frontman of Óriás, but overlapping with both roles he also joined up with Isten Háta Mögött. Mmamt also started as a solo bedroom project conceived between his stints with the two groups and took on life again - this time for real - in 2019 in the form of a superb solo album, followed in 2021 by the even more wonderful album II, which will attain its full splendour in a live performance on stage at Müpa Budapest.

In addition to his above activities, Egyedi also sets poems to music as a member of Rájátszás and remains an active participant in the underground music scene. After Annabarbi broke up in 2005, Egyedi launched Mmamt - its maiden name was "mindenkinek megvan a maga története" (everyone has their own story) - which in the quieter period since Óriás called it quits in 2018 has so far resulted in what are essentially two solo Egyedi records. The acoustically conceived songs, beautifully arranged for a single guitarist, will now become an absolutely opulent sounding and exciting live musical adventure performed by a large band. Which, despite its complete freedom and multi-faceted arrangement, is still a well-defined world: a unique, intimate world, streamlined and full of internal tensions, that is incomparable to any of his earlier work. II not only expands Egyedi's hitherto known musical universe, mainly with electronic music and art-rock techniques, unexpected changes in tempo and mood, and more ornate instrumentation than ever before, it also consists of album material with a very powerful impact. All of this will be realised on the stage at Müpa Budapest in the richness in which it has thus far lived only in the singer/songwriter's imagination.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • drums, vocals
    Levente Boros
  • guitar, synthesiser, vocals
    Péter Egyedi
  • keyboards, vocals
    Áron Hegyi
  • drums
    Máté Jancsovics
  • guitar, vocals
    Olivér Lee
  • bass guitar, vocals
    Ákos Örményi
  • baritone saxophone
    Dániel Cseke
  • tenor saxophone
    Gergely Kovács
  • trumpet
    Máté Farkas
  • cello
    Valéria Pribay
  • violin
    Rita Ott
  • violin
    Árpád Szabó
  • electronics

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