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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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As Müpa Budapest audiences have already seen on several occasions, there are many shades of fado, a musical representation of the soul of the Portuguese people. The vocals are the central element in this genre of urban, globally popular folk music. It is the human voice that brings to the surface the secrets of the human soul, of which Mísia is a fine connoisseur. She is one of fado's pioneers, a free spirit of the genre who has always travelled her own path, able to modernise the traditional style while maintaining its authenticity in her own, personal interpretation.

Mísia has modernised the bittersweet, melancholic/nostalgic fado tradition using instruments never before seen in the genre, singing in other languages in addition to Portuguese, and also presenting influences from other genres (in fact, she even has an album of covers, including a Nine Inch Nails song, that demonstrate fado's affinity with pop music). The vocalist began her career in the early 1990s and quickly rose to become one of the best known greats of the genre, with classic fado lyricists (such as João Monge) and even a Nobel Prize-winner, the Portuguese José Saramago, providing her with text to set to music. Mísia knows all too well that life itself entails a cavalcade of emotions, ideas and experiences that we must go through and whose - both visible and invisible - traces mark us all. It is something that she communicates in her songs, as well as the instincts of animals, as seen in her most recent album and book of the same name, Animal Sentimental, released in 2022. Mísia comes to Müpa Budapest as part of the tour for that album. Her stage performance will feature plenty of fresh material, will be sprinkled with brief monologues that create a link between the songs and the stories told in the book. There is no question that for Mísia, this "sensitive, sentimental animal”, the stage is her natural habitat.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
  • piano
    Fabrizio Romano
  • Portuguese guitar
    Bernardo Couto
  • fado guitar
    Joao Filipe

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