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Mihály Dresch: Music in the Shadow

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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2022 was Mihály Dresch's year: he has received the Kossuth Prize and also won the Fonogram Award for his album Árnyékban (In the Shadow), released in 2021. Yet all he has been doing is playing music - as he always does, as he loves doing, together with his youthful rhythm section - double bassist Marcell Gyányi and drummer László Csízi - and of course the cimbalom player Miklós Lukács, who has been a member of the Dresch Quartet since 2004. In addition to his more jazz-infused side, Dresch also works unceasingly with his partners in the Dresch String Quartet, where his passion for folk music comes to the fore. On this evening, Viktor Tóth was his fellow traveller.
While it is a long time since Mihály Dresch performed a starring role at Müpa Budapest, we have heard him as a special guest in numerous other shows over the years. The time has come, however, for him to finally step into the limelight and play us his own music. The kind of music that arises when he is able to stay in the shadows, in contemplation, surrounded by things and creatures that are truly worthy of attention. It is the way Dresch has always worked, and his approach has helped him become one of the most influential Hungarian music artists - by constantly avoiding the paths of deceit and compromise. For some time now, the auditory story flowing through his soul has been following dual strands through the profound layers of his music. With his two groups, Dresch performs both jazz imbued with Hungarian folk music and Hungarian folk music that reflects the philosophy of jazz. The coexistence of these two paths is illustrated by the fact that in 2021, he simultaneously released Árnyékban (In the Shadow), an album of his own compositions recorded with his newly rearranged quartet, and Ongaku, where the Dresch String Quartet played tracks inspired by Hungarian folk music. In the figure of Viktor Tóth, Mihály Dresch finds a kindred spirit who places a similar importance in music on finding harmony between the shared treasure of tradition and having a personal, unique sound.

Mihály Dresch - tenor and soprano saxophone, fuhun

Other members of the Dresch Quartet:
Miklós Lukács - cimbalom
Marcell Gyányi - double bass
László Csízi - drums

Other members of the Dresch String Quartet:
Sándor Sündi Csoóri Jr - viola
András Bognár - double bass
Ferenc Zimber - cimbalom

Special guest:
Viktor Tóth - alto szaxofon

This recording was made at a concert held at Müpa Budapest on 29 September 2022.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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