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Lóci játszik - Crocodile Hotel

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Lóci játszik have been active since 2014 and released their highly popular fifth album, 80 nap alatt a Föld körül (‘Around the World in 80 Days'), earlier this year. At Müpa Budapest, they will be giving a kind of concert that they have always secretly longed to do, except the opportunity never presented itself before. All the wacky ideas come true: each of the musicians gets to lose his sanity, and fictional characters from the Lóci játszik universe, musical spoofs, and style parodies can appear out of nowhere. The Crocodile Hotel is always full of life.

"It's a late autumn evening, the neon sign of the Crocodile Hotel is shining from afar, the bar pianist is already playing desultory passages, while the bellhops are waiting at the door for the country's most forgetful magician as the members of the hoarse a cappella choir prepare to drink their overpriced cocktails in the skybar, and a sad guest plucks love ballads to the moon from the window of room 112...” The Crocodile Hotel is essentially the home base of the Lóci játszik universe, but its revolving doors are still yet to welcome the public in this form. The team behind 80 nap alatt a Föld körül - running at the Pest Theatre, the show is partly based on an idea by Lóránt Csorba and built around Lóci játszik songs - assist in executing the beyond-extraordinary ideas by jumping in, running, plucking and singing to contribute to the songs. Meanwhile, life at the hotel is in a constant tizzy: little husbands who have shed their chains are watching matches in the lobby, Olga and Annamari are engaged in a rap battle, and the young lad who operates the elevator is dancing better than the leader of the band. As for whether it is the ‘splendour' of the Ritz or Fawlty Towers that prevails this evening, that depends on whether you manage to convince the hotel's guests that everything is fine the way it is!

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, hair dryer
    Lóránt Csorba
  • keyboards, vocals, cognac run
    Ágoston Dobozy
  • drums, vocals, mini-shampoo
    Tibor Fábián
  • guitar, minibar
    Bence Fülöp
  • trumpet, shoe shine 09:30
    Dániel Rácz
  • saxophone, lounge DJ
    Gellért Vadász
  • director
    László Magács
  • trombone
    Krisztián Csapó
  • percussion instruments
    Andor Gábor
  • double bass
    Zoltán Hegyi
  • István Hirtling
  • Zoltán Karácsonyi
  • Luca Márkus
  • Balázs Szántó

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