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Kerekes Band

Trans-Nomád Express

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The Kerekes Band, which is celebrating its 25th year of existence in 2020, is giving a concert to open the year at Müpa Budapest. On this evening, the ethno-funk group will rework their experiences and influences from their travels in the East during 2019 into a live production rattling along on the Trans-Nomád Express. This two-time Fonogram Award-winning line-up that is renowned around the world is one of Hungary's most influential world music ensembles, with songs rooted in folk music combined with the energy of funk and rock, a sound that they aptly call 'Csángó boogie'.

For the better part of ten years, this band that started life in Eger in 1995 under the name Kerekes Ensemble held dance houses constructed around folk music from the Gyimes (Ghimeș) region of Transylvania and from Moldavia and released records based on their authentic collections. In 2006, however, they started to employ this musical world primarily centred around the recorder and cobza in the service of their own songs, injecting it with funk, a unique dance music sound that launched the Kerekes Bank on its path to conquer the world. Pimasz, the album that they released at that time, was listed by Songlines, the world's most prestigious world music magazine, as one of the best new releases of the time, and this was followed by multiplying numbers of ever greater accolades and awards as their records went gold and platinum. They have written film music (for Argo 2), performed concerts at numerous leading European festivals, and on their most recent album, Rewind, they 'kerekesbandified' hits by Jimi Hendrix, Prodigy, Daft Punk and others. Their eclectic sound, which places the sweeping and psychedelic variability of the recorder in the foreground, has now taken on new colours, with Asian influences, meaning it will be guaranteed excitement to board Trans-Nomád Express with them for a journey through different countries.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • recorder, electronic bagpipes, vocals
    Zsombor Fehér
  • cobza
    Csaba Námor
  • viola
    Ákos Csarnó
  • bass guitar, vocals
    Péter Sohajda
  • drums, gardon
    Viktor Fehér
  • PásztorHóra

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