János Yancha Nagy and the Free Style Chamber Orchestra

world music, jazz, popular music

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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'The ensemble whose members all came from somewhere else but found a home there.' This is the motto of the 15-year-old Free Style Chamber Orchestra (FSCO). Ferenc Erkel Award-winning pianist and composer János Nagy and flutist and teacher Máté Pálhegyi dreamed up the ideas behind this unique chamber orchestra in 2004, unusually coupling violins and woodwinds with a jazz line-up and a hurdy-gurdy. The FSCO play a singular blend of contemporary European chamber music, improvisational musical cultures and Hungarian folk music. The concert will feature both old and new pieces from the ensemble's repertoire, with compositions from Attila László, Miklós Malek, János Nagy, Béla Zsoldos and Péter Wolf.
János Nagy completed his studies as a jazz pianist and composer, has a broad knowledge of classical music and church music and has also played in world music and folk music groups across nearly 30 years as a professional musician. It is safe to say that he is at home in any genre of music. And he puts this versatility to good use as the director and composer for the similarly eclectic Free Style Chamber Orchestra. For the occasion of the group's jubilee concert, three special guests will further enhance the fascinating programme. A superb example of the younger generation of folk musicians, the hurdy-gurdy player Béla Szerényi Jr, who made his name in the Fölszállott a páva talent contest, Attila László, one of the finest jazz guitarists in Hungary, and the composer and musical arranger Péter Wolf will all take to the stage for the concert.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • piano
    János Yancha Nagy
  • flute
    Eszter Pozsár
  • saxophone
    Sándor Zsemlye
  • clarinet
    Teodóra Gordon
  • bassoon
    Mihály Blaskó
  • violin
    Frankie Lato, Luca Kézdy, Gábor Csonka, Zoltán Lantos
  • viola
    Krisztina Haraszti
  • cello
    Valéria Pribay
  • bass guitar
    György Frey
  • drums
    Tamás Berdisz
  • percussion
    Flóra Joubert
  • piano
    Péter Wolf
  • guitar
    Attila László
  • hurdy-gurdy
    Béla Szerényi Jr

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