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István Elek Quartet

  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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István Elek is an evergreen legend of the Hungarian jazz scene. Since its beginnings in 1970, his career has been enriched by a host of legends, among them Korál, Aladár Pege and Zsuzsa Cserháti. He has also been an essential member of the Besenyő Blues Band, TEA, the Fusio Quartet, the Budapest Jazz Orchestra and the East Side Jazz Company. We had to wait until 2014 for him to launch his own band, but the quartet has been working with unbroken dynamism ever since. Their first record was released in 2019 with the title JazzElek.

The music of the István Elek Quartet primarily bears the stylistic hallmarks of mainstream jazz. Their programme pays tribute to the greats of the past, while their music also reflects the spirit of today and their own personalities. Each member of the quartet is among the finest of the genre. The band bears the name of its leader - a four-time Fonogram Prize-winner and recipient of the Gábor Szabó lifetime achievement award from the Hungarian Jazz Federation in 2018 - who can play the entire arsenal of reed instruments. He primarily plays the tenor saxophone, but he's also no stranger to the clarinet, or to the alto, soprano and baritone saxophones. He has been teaching at the Liszt Academy since 2001. The pianist János Weisz established his own quintet in 2012, with which he also makes excursions into the realm of classical music. The rhythmic backdrop is provided by a remarkably experienced duo. The double bassist Péter Molnár is a member of the Group 'N' Swing band and has also worked with the Budapest Jazz Orchestra, Bálint Gájer and Tommy Víg, as well as being the cornerstone of the Showder Band for 13 years. Balázs Cseh is among Hungary's most sought-after drummers and has performed in the István Gyárfás Trio, as well as with Joe Fritz and Attila Juhász. The fruit of their labours can be heard on a number of records.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • saxophone
    István Elek
  • piano
    János Weisz
  • double bass
    Péter Molnár
  • drums
    Balázs Cseh

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