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Irie Maffia

Are You Reggae?

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Irie Maffia, who were founded in 2005 and are one of the most popular bands in Hungary, are a true all-star group, with four frontmen/women - Sena, Busa, MC Columbo and MC Kemon - and a wide array of instrumentalists. In the beginning, their large-scale and notably diverse concerts featured a predominantly reggae-based repertoire. Now, for one night only, Sena and friends are returning to their original sound. They have put together an entire show to be played in the reggae style, with the evening's special guests also reworking their own songs for the occasion.

Irie Maffia's 2007 debut album Fel a kezekkel! (Put Your Hands Up!) was dominated by Jamaican sounds, featuring a succession of reggae and dancehall songs (plus a little bit of dub). Later, the band expanded their line-up and diversified their repertoire. And just as their music became more varied, so the group developed into one of the most popular bands in Hungary, becoming a headline act at various festivals and major concert venues. And though that Jamaican feel has never entirely left the Irie sound, the family-like group have now taken on a truly special adventure. In this one-off concert at Müpa Budapest, the group will return to their original styles as they transform an entire setlist into reggae music. It will be a thrilling experience to hear both an authentic Caribbean version of their greatest hits - including Bajnok and Hajnali kör - and also the completely reconceptualised songs of their specially invited guests: Viki Lábas, known from the band Margaret Island, the Ladánybene 27 frontman Miksa M. László, and the young singer-songwriter Azahriah. Ragga, toasting, lovers rocking and boasting - "Are you reggae?", "Easy as one two three!" Come feel the reggae vibes at this extraordinary event!

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Sena Dagadu
  • vocals
    András Kéri
  • vocals, rap
    István Busa
  • vocals, rap
    Kemon W. Thomas
  • trombone
    Márton Élő
  • keyboards
    Gáspár Horváth
  • bass guitar
    Péter Matus
  • guitar
    Ádám Szekér
  • drums
    Tamás Dési
  • trumpet
    Ádám Meggyes
  • saxophone
    Gergő Kováts
  • trumpet
    János Hámori
  • trombone
    Tamás Lovay
  • saxophone
    Gábor Weisz
  • Viki Lábas
    Miksa M. László
    Tibor Bodnár

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