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lasts of a dying breed

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
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Guitarist Mike Gotthard and keyboardist Dániel Szebényi have been composing music together for more than a decade. They cemented their relationship during their years at the Liszt Academy. They played together in several joint projects, ranging from Mooters to Blues MD and Electric Shock. This concert gives us a chance to hear a selection of the duo's versatile genre-spanning work - rock in terms of sound and energy, jazz in concept, rhythmically funk, but with a blues attitude.

Mike Gotthard (that is, Mihály Gotthárd) is the enfant terrible of the new generation of guitarists, whose style is simultaneously defined by both an intellectual approach and the raw power of rock and the blues. Dániel Szebényi is one of the most sought-after keyboardists in Hungary and a member and associate of countless musical groups. And of course the two of them have also taken part together in numerous joint productions. Their first joint appearance was on the 2013 EP Train to 79 with the band Mooters, a group also known in the European blues-rock underground, and they continued with its successor, Blues MD. In 2016, Gotthard came out with his first solo album, Intellectual Brutality, which featured Szebényi on almost every song. The keyboardist also joined Electric Shock, which formed after the record release and went on to successfully tour both Europe and Asia. Although Gotthard is currently working on his second solo album, and Szebényi on his first, the two also had time to help create the incidental music for the popular television series Squid Game. Their unmistakable music is a bridge between the psychedelic, improvisational concept of the '70s and the massive sound of the '80s, all wrapped in a modern, contemporary guise - as the last representatives of an otherwise extinct type of musician.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • guitar
    Mike Gotthard
  • keyboards, vocals
    Dániel Szebényi
  • bass guitar
    Martin Gudics
  • guitar
    István Tóth
  • drums
    Miki Kovács
  • percussion
    Kornél Mogyoró
  • Tibor Tátrai
    Iván Vitáris
    Máté Balla

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