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Join us and relive our most memorable concerts and performances! We are reopening the Müpa Budapest virtual concert hall: As part of the Müpa Home series, we will one again be offering online broadcasts free of charge. In addition to live webcasts, we have lined up earlier recordings of defining performances at Müpa Budapest. Tune in and relive the most exciting productions in the comfort of your own home!

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Kárpátia, Tűzkerék, Juventus, Syrius, Mini, Olympia, Generál, Skorpió, Hobo Blues Band, Béla Radics Tribute Band, Tátrai-Török Tandem, Tátrai Band, Magyar Atom, Boom Boom, Latin Duo, Tátrai Trend - and at the end, godfater.. Nothing special here - this is not the contents of a comprehensive book on the history of Hungarian rock music, but ‘merely' the names of the bands the guitarist Tibor Tátrai has played with. At the end of this illustrious list you will find his newest formation, godfater., a true supergroup that plays wide-ranging but predominantly hot blues rock music.
This amazing list of bands is probably the best way of illustrating the significance to the Hungarian music scene of Tibor Tátrai, a Kossuth and Liszt award-winning guitar legend and Hungarian Artist of Merit. As well as the fact that this phenomenal musician simply cannot be stopped - luckily for us. Indeed, in 2020, he founded his latest band, godfater. - a genuine supergroup. The band features some of today's biggest names from the younger breed of musicians. On stage, alongside "Tibusz” we will also find the singer-keyboard player Dani Szebényi, one of the most sought-after keyboardists, songwriters and session musicians from the new generation of perfomers. Then there is Tátrai's regular musical partner, the guitarist Mike Gotthard, whose playing style features a similar mix of blues, rock and jazz. The bass guitarist Samu Kéri comes from a family of musicians and is a shamelessly youthful talent, while the distinguished line-up is completed by Gergő Borlai, whose sheer hard work has seen him develop into a genuine global star in recent years. Borlai has performed on more than 500 albums in his musical career to date, and is also an active composer. The quintet play an energetic, unique mix of blues and rock. In addition to the group's own songs, the show will also feature iconic compositions from the career of Tibor Tátrai. A refined blend of blues, rock and soul with soaring riffs.

Tibor Tátrai - guitar
Dániel Szebényi - vocals, keyboards
Mike Gotthard - guitar, Samu Kéri - bass guitar
Gergő Borlai - drums

Johanna Lengyel, Regina Zabos - vocals

This recording was made at a concert held at Müpa Budapest on 4 November 2022.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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