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Carpathian Basin Fusion Folk

one interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The Góbé Band's path together continues to arc upwards even after 15 years: formed in 2007, they may have reached the peak of their career so far after their 2021 double album Bartók's 44 Duos for Two Violins With Folk Music Background of the Pieces received a Fonogram Award this year, and re-energised with new members, the band has released another great album Élem, (I Live It), in 2022. They'll be celebrating those 15 years and this renewed momentum with a two-part show supplemented with a number of guests.

Rooted in both classical and folk traditions, Góbé has been inspired by Bartók since the beginning to delve into village music with a bold and experimental spirit. Their 2011 victory in the Talentometer talent search competition prompted them to make a clear turn toward world music, while still retaining their character and basic identity as a dance house band to this day, for which the Góbé Folkside project is the driving force. Góbé's "folk pop music”, which combines traditional sounds with many other styles, has already been recorded on four major albums, while its members continue to continuously expand the group's boundaries with other releases, and of course the transformation of the band has also had an impact on the journey so far. In the first half of their Carpathian Basin Fusion Folk show, they will present this journey, the various stages of their 15 years of existence, partly following the chronological order of the previous records - including several songs that the audience has never had the chance to hear live at all, or only a long time ago. The second half of the concert will mostly feature this year's new material, with several guests who contributed to the release joining in along with a number of artists who are only taking the stage with Gobé on this evening. This is an unmissable one-time occasion.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals, shepherd's pipe, bagpipes, percussion
    Áron Várai
  • violin, viola, vocals
    Márton Rigó
  • violas, violin, guitar, cobza, vocals
    Máté Vizeli
  • cimbalom, tambura, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, Turkish whistle, flute
    Mátyás Egervári
  • double bass, bass guitar
    Zoltán Hegyi
  • drums, percussion, vocals
    Áron Czupi
  • vocals
    Ágnes Herczku
  • rap
    Pista Busa
  • violin
    László Porteleki
  • recorders, kaval
    Balázs "Dongó” Szokolay
  • percussion instruments
    Bertalan Sárkány
  • vocals
    Kayamar (Viktor Magyaróvári)
  • violin
    Bálint Vizeli (Góbé FolkSide)
  • viola, double bass
    András Timár (Góbé FolkSide)
  • trumpet
    Péter Hargitai
  • trombone
    Apor Veres-Székely
  • saxophone
    Bence Babcsán, Dániel Cseke
  • the Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra octet

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