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Gergő Borlai: Divided Freedom

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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To date, Gergő Borlai has twice shared the Müpa stage and his creative energies with his musical friends. After some eight years, now comes perhaps the most ambitious concert in the Divided series yet. Given the star-studded line-up and unique set-up, the concert will deservedly be held at the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. In the spirit of liberty, every sound beats its own path.

When he received an Artisjus Award for Popular Music Composer of the Year for his 2021 album The Missing Song, Gergő Borlai stated that he likes to play without restrictions in terms of genre. The technical basics, honed to perfection, are only necessary for take-off. For Borlai, spontaneous play alongside partners blessed with outstanding improvisational ability is the highest creative form. Which is something that this six-member group was born to do. As a sound designer and super solid groover, bass guitarist Tim Lefebvre has demonstrated his greatness by working with names of the calibre of David Bowie, Elvis Costello and Sting. The guitarist Nguyên Lê was also a member of the Divided group on the previous two occasions. He understands Gergő's every thought and performs with spirit and extraordinary virtuosity. The other guitarist, the Norwegian Eivind Aarset, also has a returning role, and is an excellent counterpart to Lê: with his sound modulation tools, he brings together the other creative elements in the music ‘like cream'. Christian Lillinger is one of the most sought-after drummers in Germany, where he is also a celebrated talent thanks to his improvisational ability. With a minimalist drum kit, he will offer a counterpoint to Gergő, who will play a larger set. Lillinger will also offer the same heart and humility as he looks to shape the flow of the music. The Kossuth Prize winner Andrea Ladányi is one of the most pre-eminent figures in contemporary Hungarian dance.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • drums
    Gergő Borlai
  • guitar
    Nguyên Lê, Eivind Aarset
  • bass guitar
    Tim Lefebvre
  • drums
    Christian Lillinger
  • dance
    Andrea Ladányi

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