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Európa Kiadó - Love2020

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Európa Kiadó are one of the key bands of the 1980s Hungarian underground, as well as great survivors who have been able to remain current in each of the intervening decades with fresh songs and albums and a continuously evolving sound. They are also opening the '20s with a brand new album: due out this autumn, Love2020 is a mixture of new versions of their own songs and totally new compositions and features the Soharóza choir. The release of this record that proclaims continuity even with its title will be a chance to see Jenő Menyhárt and company as never before: in the Soharóza choir.

Európa Kiadó, led by guitarist/singer Jenő Menyhárt, are one of the outstanding bands of Hungarian pop music history. Ever since they formed in the 1980s, they have been keeping themselves fresh through constant transformation, and are almost unique among their contemporaries not only by remaining an active line-up to this day, but also by refusing to live off of their own myth and instead constantly seeking and finding new and relevant things to say. The title of their first album - Love '82 - has been a recurring motif in their ouevre, appearing again in their '90s album Itt kísértünk - Love '92 and now in the 21st century once more as Love2020. On this full-length album slated for release in the autumn, the band, in addition to presenting new compositions, will also reinterpret some previous ones from both the recent past and the early '80s, in collaboration with the experimental vocal ensemble Soharóza, led by Dóra Halas. They will be working with the choir again at this record release concert - and on more songs than the ones they recorded. This will give us a chance to see and hear Európa Kiadó songs sounding like never before not only on the recording, but also live at this concert.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • vocals, guitar
    Jenő Menyhárt
  • guitar, vocals
    János Bujdosó
  • keyboard instruments
    András Kálmán
  • drums, percussion instruments
    Lajos Gyenge
  • bass guitar
    András Koroknay
  • Soharóza (musical director: Dóra Halas)

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