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Dávid Lamm: Skidaddle

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Jazz Workshop

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Dávid Lamm has been on the lam. Which should come as no surprise. Who hasn't been affected by the 2020s and the dispiriting multitude of global catastrophes? A musician, at least, can find refuge in the world of sound. Lamm duly created a new project by the name of Skidaddle. As we have come to expect from this talented Hungarian guitarist and songwriter, Lamm has constructed a show that is eclectic in both style and sound while featuring a compelling cavalcade of guests, from celebrated veteran vibraphonist David Friedman to saxophonist and creative phenomenon László Dés.

Dávid Lamm last provided us with an update on his creative pursuits in 2020, when - also during the Jazz Workshop series - he premiered his show Invisible. Skidaddle is an organic continuation of Invisible, not to mention the preceding album from 2010, 1st the 1 (…Then the Other). Once again, the combination of vocals, diverse instruments, grooves and lyrical sound progressions, as well as more conventional jazz stylings and rap all find their place. The message is clear to everyone. The burdens of the global pandemic, crises and wars in recent years have impacted us all, yet these burdens cannot be borne for ever - eventually, we need to lay them down and open the magical door to beauty. To help him in that quest, Lamm will call on the assistance of, among others, the 80-year-old vibraphonist legend David Friedman, who has experienced the distinctly diverse delights of performing with first the New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera, then Wayne Short, Horace Silver and Chet Baker. For Hungarian audiences, László Dés needs no introduction, having achieved similarly impressive feats to these greats in his homeland. Guitarist Zsolt Bende and rapper Zeek arrive as old friends. The lion's share of the songs will be heard live for the very first time, and will include Autumn Mantra, Foul and Glass Jar.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • tenor saxophone
    Kristóf Bacsó
  • trumpet
    István Fekete
  • double bass
    József Barcza Horváth
  • drums
    Toni Snétberger
  • vocals
    Diána Danyi
  • vocals
    Anna Fellegi
  • vibraphone
    David Friedman
  • soprano saxophone
    László Dés
  • guitar
    Zsolt Bende
  • rap

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