Dávid Lamm: Invisible

world music, jazz, popular music

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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A feast for the ears! Delalamm, the outfit that plays guitarist Dávid Lamm's groove-based music combining elements of jazz hip-hop and world music, has reached a new chamber in its existence.

At this concert, they will be playing their own fresh compositions from their record Invisible. Released not long ago, it features musicians selected from Hungary's jazz and groove scene who are, not incidentally, the loyal sort, several of them having helped fortify the guitarist's team since Delalamm's first album, 1st the 1 (…then the other), and the concerts that followed this début. Shaping this modern and trendy sound are noted representatives of several generations. Unusual aspects include the use of three drummers and a string section, as well as the fact that the musical passages are embellished and supplemented with narrations. Text inserts capturing moments of a musician's existence will be heard as read by Mari Jászai Award-winning actor Tamás Keresztes.
The 40-year-old Lamm is quite a sought-after musician. The line-ups he has lent his powers to at one time or another include the Nikoletta Szőke "B” Version Project, the Csanyi-Lattmann Quartet, singers Bea Palya and Ági Szalóki and bands headed by László Dés. It is indicative of his creativity that he remains the driving force behind the Kanizsa-Lamm-Szalay-Fekete Quartet and the Hendrix Project, in addition to Delalamm. A winner of the Artisjus Award, he has also been recognised several times with the Fonogram Award for his work performing alongside Ági Szalóki on the singer's records.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • guitar, vocals
    Dávid Lamm
  • vocals
    Gina Kanizsa, Bori Magyar, Anna Fábián Fellegi
  • piano, keyboard instruments
    Balázs Neumann
  • guitar
    Zsolt Bartha
  • double bass
    Márton Soós
  • bass guitar
    Béla Lattmann
  • drums
    Gábor Oláh, Toni Snétberger, Tamás Hidász
  • percussion instruments
    Kornél Mogyoró
  • saxophone
    Sándor Molnár
  • trumpet
    Zoltán Péter, István Fekete
  • violin
    Edina Pinkert, Annamária Ott, Anna Fábiánné Fellegi
  • cello
    Emma Petruska
  • rap
  • narrator
    Tamás Keresztes

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