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Co Lee: Wireless

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Hey, June!

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With an instinctively natural feel that speaks the language of an urban youth nodding its head to jazzy rhythms, Co Lee has in recent years established an extremely solid base for himself on the Hungarian underground hip-hop scene. So much so that he is today considered one of the most promising Hungarian hip-hop performers in Hungary - and is also highly regarded internationally. In 2022, he rapped in English on the album Air, made jointly with Don C, before Iceberg, a joint song with Beatrick, brought him international acclaim. In February of 2023, he released his first Hungarian-language album, Cirque de L'Homme. In his performance as part of the Hey, June! festival series, he will mainly perform songs from that first Hungarian-language record.

Co Lee creates with the sincerity of punk. The rapper, who performs in both English and Hungarian, has an intelligently variable sound that stands apart from any musical trends. Co Lee, who has a unique rhythm, innovative lyricism and outstanding performing skills, began rapping as a high school student in an American school in Vienna. Last year's hit song, Iceberg, was produced by John Foyle, who has also worked on albums by the Gorillaz, and the song enjoyed swift popularity in Austria and Germany. After releasing the lo-fi hip-hop album Air alongside Don C in April 2022, Co Lee became a member of the alternative, experimental hip-hop collective Wavy. Then, after touring with Beton.Hofi, he began writing Hungarian-language songs too, leading to Cirque de L'Homme, his first Hungarian-language album. In addition to songs from this album - whose title references the artist's studies - the evening will also feature rarely heard instrumental arrangements of some of his English-language songs, performed live in this format for the first time.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • rap
    Kolos Halász
  • drums
    Ádám Klausz
  • saxophone
    Dániel Varga
  • bass guitar
    Viktor "Aminon” Farkas
  • keyboards
    András Kálmán
  • Imi Lájt
    Martin Balázs
    Dominika Südy
    Bence Yohan Glávits

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