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Budapest Ritmo feat. WOMEX

Mónika Lakatos - Gala concert by the WOMEX 2020 Lifetime Achievement winner

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival

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This will be the second time WOMEX, the largest event in world music has come to Budapest - or rather, Budapest will go to the world. Owing to the pandemic, the WOMEX events will be streamed this year; the live concerts in Hungary will be open to audiences.
This year's WOMEX Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Mónika Lakatos, was born into a Vlach Gypsy family in Budapest. She sings in various formations, including Romengo, which plays a world music that is based on the Gypsy tradition, and Cigány Hangok, several of whose members come from her own family. Romanimo, her solo album, is a collection of slow, moving songs - and was a Top 5 record on the World Music Charts Europe.

This event of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival is jointly presented by Müpa Budapest and Hangvető.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest, Hangvető

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  • dance
    Jázmin Balog, Pákó Horváth
  • Klára Lakatos
    Róbert Lakatos
    Dzsenifer Rostás
    Mihály Mazsi Rostás
    Tünde Rostás
    Gabriella Tintér
    Antal Máté Kovács
  • violin
    Mihály Sipos, László Porteleki
  • viola
    Péter Éri
  • double bass
    Dániel Hamar

CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival

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