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Budapest Bár

world music, jazz, popular music

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Budapest Bár, which has breathed new life into the world of coffee house Gypsy music, revived a centuries-old tradition in 2007 when it came out with simultaneously uplifting and heart-wrenching versions of songs, film hits and operetta melodies, while employing a large number of diverse singers. The very finest artists of the Hungarian music scene have lined up to play bar music and sing alongside the band, who released their most recent album, Ha megtehetnéd (If You Could), in March. The record's title song is credited to the Hungarian singer-songwriter András Lovasi. This extraordinary concert will see the first live performance of music from the album, and will feature special guests alongside musicians and vocalists already familiar from other Budapest Bár shows.

Led by the violinist and guitarist Róbert Farkas, Budapest Bár gave new momentum to popular Hungarian songs produced in the 1920s and onwards by using a base of Gypsy music to combine elements of jazz, pop, rock, klezmer and numerous other musical genres and reinterpret those songs and create their very own Gyspy lounge style. The group, who typically invite popular pop and rock singers to perform alongside the band's musicians, later gave greater space to international songs and began writing their own compositions. Their traditional and diverse records also include albums inspired by a particular theme (such as the work of Szabolcs Fényes or klezmer music). Now, after one Christmas album, another about the city of Budapest and a subsequent three-year break without releasing a full-length record, Budapest Bár have produced a new album, Ha megtehetnéd (If You Could), which deals with love and desire and features old and new cover songs alongside four fresh compositions. They will present the new songs in a truly unique way, as the usual Bár sound is supplemented by three special guests, the singer Adél Jordán and two musicians, the Liszt Award-winning violinist Vilmos Oláh and the manouche guitarist Ferenc Illés, who will join the band for a few songs.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • violin, guitar
    Róbert Farkas
  • cimbalom
    Mihály Farkas
  • accordion
    Károly Ökrös
  • double bass
    Richárd Farkas
  • drums
    Ferenc Kisvári
  • Singers
    Dóri Behumi
    Juci Németh
    Bori Rutkai
    András Keleti
    László Kollár-Klemencz
    Misi Mező
    Krisztián Szűcs
    Vera Tóth
  • guitar
    Ferenc Illés
  • violin
    Vilmos Oláh
  • actress
    Adél Jordán


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